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Genshin Impact Rukkha­shava Mushrooms location and uses

Printed: 2022-11-04T13:17:34

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Genshin Affect Rukkha­shava Mushrooms may be discovered within the Sumeru area, however realizing precisely the place to seek out them could be a little tough. So, with a view to prevent time trekking, right here’s each Genshin Affect Rukkha­shava Mushroom location.

Rukkha­shava Mushrooms have been added to Genshin Impact as a part of the game’s expansive Sumeru replace. These blue mushrooms are wanted to Ascend one in all Genshin’s Dendro characters and in addition can be utilized in a wide range of cooking and crafting gadgets. 

Because of this, many Vacationers might be questioning the place they’ll discover Rukkha­shava Mushrooms in Genshin Affect. So, if you’ll want to farm this Sumeru specialty, then our helpful Rukkha­shava Mushroom information will cowl each location and crafting utilization to assist prevent time trekking by way of the area.


What are Genshin Affect Rukkha­shava Mushrooms?

Rukkha­shava Mushrooms are a local specialty that is native to Sumeru. In fact, these fungi can only be found in this region, which means Travelers will need to progress through the story in order to farm this material.

Genshin Impact Rukkha­shava Mushroom locations

Genshin Impact Sumeru mapHoYoverse

Rukkhashava Mushrooms are found in the Sumeru jungle.

Rukkha­shava Mushrooms can be found in the Ashavan Realm and Lokapala Jungle, where it often hides on trees and amongst various vegetation. The best farming spots for Rukkha­shava Mushrooms in Genshin Impact can be found by heading to the following locations:

  • Mawtiyima Forest
  • Fane of Ashvattha
  • Pardis Dhyai (North)
  • Apam Woods 

It’s important to note that there are a total of 76 Rukkha­shava Mushrooms locations, which means you’ll need to farm all of them over a period of days to Ascend Collei. However, if you head to any of the above locations, you should be able to find these Mushrooms with ease. 

Additionally, you can purchase Rukkha­shava Mushrooms from Aramani and Ashpazi. These NPCs will sell you five Rukkha­shava Mushrooms each, for a cost of 1,000 Mora per Mushroom. 

Genshin Impact Rukkha­shava Mushroom uses

Genshin Impact Rukkha­shava Mushrooms are used to Ascend Collei. In fact, Travelers will need to harvest 168 Rukkha­shava Mushrooms in total to Ascend Collei to her maximum level, so be sure to scour the jungle until you harvest them all. 

Rukkha­shava Mushrooms are also used in the following crafting recipes: 

So, there you have it, that’s every Genshin Impact Rukkha­shava Mushroom location in the game needed for Ascending Collei. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the most recent information and guides.

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