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All 10 Intel Locations on Defender: Mt. Zaya Spec Ops Mission – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Much like Denied Space and Low Profile, the Defender: Mt. Zaya Spec Ops mission additionally incorporates a complete of ten Intel items for gamers to gather and study extra in regards to the story that revolves across the new Fashionable Warfare 2.

On this information, we present you the areas of all ten Fashionable Warfare 2 Intel areas for Defender: Mt. Zaya, together with the attainable various spawn areas wherever relevant.

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Intel 1

The primary Intel is inside the primary HQ constructing proper at spawn.

One can find the Intel on a wood field on one of many storage cabinets.

Intel 2

The Intel is at website C.

Go contained in the constructing by the precise doorway, and you will note the Intel on a bench by the lockers.

Intel 3

The Intel is within the workplace constructing at website B.

Enter the workplace, and you will discover the Intel on the pc desk.

Intel 4

The Intel is contained in the Radar Dome constructing at website B.

Enter the constructing, and you will note the Intel on the desk to your proper.

Intel 5

The Intel is at website A in the course of some gear in your proper whenever you enter website A (the bunker) through the western entrance.

Intel 6

Intel 6 can also be at website A (the bunker). You possibly can enter by the southern most important bunker entrance.

As you descend into the bunker, you will discover a management panel to your left with Intel resting on high of it.

Intel 7

There are three attainable areas for Intel 7 to spawn inside the identical constructing. You’ll find Intel 7 inside a blue constructing with a dome and an enormous telescope inside it. The constructing is simply behind you as you spawn and proper exterior website C.

Doable Spawn Location 1

Undergo the again door (proven within the picture above), and you will discover the primary Intel location immediately in entrance of you on the desk in a small workplace area.

Doable Spawn Location 2

The second attainable spawn location is upstairs. Take the steps to the primary flooring.

As quickly as you attain the primary flooring, flip to your left, and you will discover one other small workplace area with some tables and computer systems. The Intel can spawn on the leftmost desk.

Doable Spawn Location 3

The ultimate spawn location is in the course of the constructing the place the large telescope is. Bounce within the center, and you will discover some management panels with a large pc display screen. The Intel can spawn subsequent to it.

Intel 8

As soon as once more, Intel 8 additionally has two attainable spawn areas inside the primary HQ constructing.

Doable Spawn Location 1

Undergo the doorways proven within the picture above, and you will discover the primary Intel inside an workplace drawer to your instant proper.

Doable Spawn Location 2

When you do not discover the Intel on the first spot, proceed transferring in direction of the northern double doorways and enter the small workplace by the double doorways.

One can find the Intel contained in the open cupboard.

Intel 9

This Intel is sort of fascinating because it requires you to spend $20,000 in-game money at a merchandising machine present in a small constructing close to website A.

One can find the merchandising machine to your proper whenever you enter the constructing. You possibly can work together with its keypad to spend $20,000 (when you have that quantity).

You’ll get Intel within the merchandising machine collector whenever you spend the cash.

Happily, whenever you’re doing this, each you and your teammate will have the ability to accumulate the Intel. So the easiest way to gather the Intel is to work together with your teammate and pool the cash collectively.

Be sure to don’t spend any cash till round 4-5. You can begin the rounds early by interacting with the radio on the HQ. Beginning the rounds early offers bonus money to each gamers.

By spherical 4 or 5, you possibly can ask your good friend to drop all the cash for you, which ought to get you as much as $20,000.

Intel 10

The final Intel piece is a bit difficult to get to. It’s inside a locked room. The room is similar because the briefing room you get into as your teammate watches the briefing video firstly of this spec ops mission.

The door is locked, and you can’t enter the room. The Intel doesn’t spawn through the mission briefing, so it should be collected as soon as the mission has began.

Whereas we’re not fairly certain what the correct methodology of opening the door is, gamers have speculated that it has an opportunity of opening on wave 6. Or there’s a key that the juggernaut drops on wave 6. Nonetheless, there’s a assured methodology to get into the room as early as wave 1.

For this to work, it’s essential be in an assault swimsuit. You will get the assault swimsuit in two methods – You’ll both have it as a part of your assault equipment whether it is upgraded to tier 3, or you should purchase it from the purchase station within the sport. You possibly can study extra in regards to the kits right here.

Equip the assault swimsuit, and attempt to unlock the door. You’ll observe that the door simply outright opens.

Now you can enter the room. However there’s a little bit of an issue. Everytime you attempt to get to the Intel on the desk. You might be teleported exterior of the room earlier than you possibly can decide it up.

To choose it up, you should first unequip your assault swimsuit. Then, merely run to the Intel and spam your work together button to gather it earlier than you’re teleported out once more.

That is straightforward for PC gamers, however controller gamers would possibly want to alter their controller settings to ‘prioritize work together’ or ‘faucet to work together.’


You additionally unlock unique rewards for gathering the Intel fragment throughout all spec ops mission maps.

  • All Mighty (Emblem)
    Intel Items Required: 20
  • Lethal Precision (Calling Card)
    Intel Items Required: 40
  • Brass Choice (Weapon Blueprint)
    Intel Items Required: 50

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