Through the years, The Pokémon Firm and Recreation Freak have created over a thousand Pokémon out of the 18 sorts they’ve. Some would possibly shock you — Volcanion (seen on the prime of this text) is the one one to hold each Fireplace and Water typing. That being mentioned, there are nonetheless some which have by no means been used for no matter motive. Loads of evolutionary strains and regional kinds get wild with their typing, however not each mixture is roofed. We’ve ranked all of the unused ones and considered what they could supply had been they to really seem sooner or later. Listed below are all the unused sort combos in Pokémon ranked from worst to finest.

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All unused sort combos in Pokémon, ranked from worst to finest

9. Regular/Bug

Picture through The Pokémon Firm

In all honesty, we are able to perceive why this dual-typing hasn’t been used but. Regular sort isn’t essentially the most thrilling, because it’s designed to be a balanced, all-around class, and Bug usually is fairly weak to start with. The design is admittedly all Bugs have going for them, so turning them into primary creatures is admittedly the very last thing we wish.

8. Regular/Rock

Much like the earlier entry, there isn’t a lot room for this combo to actually succeed. All it could do is go away no matter sorry Pokémon is made extremely inclined to Preventing assaults, which might simply make it one of many worst selections in any entry. In the event that they needed to make a pathetic joke Pokémon, that will in all probability be the most effective situation for this.

7. Regular/Metal

Let’s simply face it, Regular-type combos are boring. What actually makes a Metal Pokémon stand out if it features Regular? If there have been to be any Regular/Metal already, it could in all probability be Klefki, however even that being one of the vital unpopular Pokémon didn’t get this curse.

6. Regular/Ice

Rounding out the sorry Regular dual-typing is one which we may truly see occur. We have already got bipedal Ice Pokémon like Mr. Rime, who faucet dances. What if there was a determine skater Regular and Ice-type? We may see some reputation come from a Pokémon like that.

5. Ice/Poison

It’s sort of exhausting for us to think about what an Ice and Poison Pokémon would appear to be, and that’s doubtless why it hasn’t occurred but. If something, our greatest guess can be some sort of glacier that’s coated in sludge, however we really feel like there are many related Pokémon with these concepts already.

4. Bug/Dragon

There are already a few dragonfly Pokémon who took on Bug and Flying, so which may not be the path to go right here. There positively is room, although, for another sort of Bug and Dragon combo to work. Possibly a land-based insect like a beetle with robust pores and skin.

3. Floor/Fairy

The Fairy-type has been very talked-about since its inception in Pokémon X and Y. That being mentioned, there are a pair combos which have but for use. A Floor and Fairy Pokémon might be one thing that pushes the message on local weather change. Some sort of Fern Gully creature that has a tragic backstory of its habitat being destroyed.

2. Rock / Ghost

Picture through The Pokémon Firm

A residing tombstone makes an excessive amount of sense to us for it to not have been used but in Pokémon. This looks like the proper alternative for Spiritomb to get an evolution sooner or later.

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1. Fireplace/Fairy

Primarina is a Pokémon that mixes Fairy and Water sort in a circus seal. Once we consider doable Fireplace and Fairy combos, we predict first to individuals who eat hearth off of sticks at a circus. The very first thing we considered was an enormous bear holding a fireplace stick, swallowing it, after which spewing flames ahead. We actually need that.

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