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The 10 best Mono-Blue commanders in Magic: The Gathering

Blue is the mana coloration of logic and know-how, which interprets into drawing playing cards and countering spells in Magic: The Gathering. You don’t consider blue as an offensive coloration, however that doesn’t imply it isn’t in a position to convey a severe beatdown on gamers. Blue decks are likely to shine when the sport takes some time, which is ideal for the Commander format since video games are normally longer.

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Mono-blue Commander decks could not have the benefits of drawing from different colours, however they’re nonetheless succesful decks in their very own proper. Mono-blue Commanders convey their very own capabilities to the forefront, forcing different gamers to rethink their methods or lose the sport. Listed below are ten of the perfect mono-blue Commanders within the format proper now.

10) Talrand, Sky Summoner

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Blue decks of each stripe can have many on the spot and sorcery playing cards. Talrand leverages that abundance to create tokens on the identical price as purple and white decks. The blue Drake that’s summoned doesn’t appear exceptional, however their energy turns into obvious as extra tokens are generated. You may have a military that may maintain off assaults, shopping for you time to tug off different methods.

9) Thada Adel, Acquisitor

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Artifacts aren’t unusual within the Commander format, and Thada Adel will reap the benefits of that. By attacking gamers, Thada Adel can forestall gamers from utilizing their treasured artifacts. You’ll be able to flip these artifacts in opposition to their homeowners if you happen to pays the associated fee. Any deck with blue playing cards will wrestle in opposition to this, although it can wrestle in opposition to decks with out artifacts.

8) Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios

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Whereas not unique to mono-blue decks, spell copying is one thing that blue decks are sometimes anticipated to do. Jadzi takes it to a different stage by permitting you to forged nonland playing cards for one mana after casting an on the spot or sorcery spell. Whereas it’s from the highest of your library, it might additionally work like a scry capability if you happen to don’t wish to forged it instantly. It’s also possible to play further lands aside from the preliminary one per flip, which is all the time a pleasant bonus.

7) The Actuality Chip

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Realizing what playing cards you’re going to draw is a giant benefit, and The Actuality Chip permits you to see the highest card of your library. In the event you connect it to a creature, you’ll be able to play lands and forged spells as if you happen to had an additional card in your hand. The Actuality Chip can also be fast to return out, making an impression early on. It could be susceptible, however attaching it to a creature prevents it from being handled as one, forcing gamers to seek out different methods to take away it.

6) Baral, Chief of Compliance

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Decreasing the price of your spells is all the time an excellent factor, and Baral supplies a fantastic benefit for mono-blue decks. Instants and sorceries price one much less mana, providing you with extra sources to work with. Countering spells provides you the choice of drawing and discarding a card, good for occasions when your hand isn’t understanding for you.

5) Teferi, Temporal Archmage

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Planeswalkers aren’t normally allowed to be Commanders since that’s reserved for legendary creatures. Teferi is an exception to that rule, and works as a fantastic Commander since you’ll be able to untap as much as 4 goal permanents. Untapping permanents is a giant deal, providing you with extra land, refreshing attackers, or getting artifacts prepared to be used.

4) Emry, Lurker of the Loch

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If you recognize what playing cards are coming or have a means of guaranteeing the subsequent few playing cards, Emry is usually a harmful Commander to cope with. Whereas the highest 4 playing cards of your library go into your graveyard with each look, a correct plan can exploit that. Any artifact within the graveyard could be casted, serving to you revive any destroyed artifacts.

3) Sakashima of a Thousand Faces

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You’ll be able to solely have one copy of a legendary creature at any time. If two copies of a legendary exist below your management, you decide one copy and put the opposite one in your graveyard. Sakashima bypasses this rule, permitting you to have two copies of a legendary directly. Whereas Commander decks can solely have one copy of a card, Sakashima can copy one other legendary creature, providing you with extra versatility and higher insurance coverage in case one creature falls.

2) Malcolm, Eager-Eyed Navigator

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Blue decks are identified for having the Pirate creature subtype, and Malcolm is ideal for anybody who has just a few Pirates. Malcolm permits your Pirates to generate tokens that may be sacrificed for mana of any coloration. This turns your Pirates into mana-making machines, providing you with one other mana supply and extra choices for enjoying spells.

1) Urza, Lord Excessive Artificer

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Urza has a number of skills which might be helpful to mono-blue decks. Upon coming into play, you get a Assemble that’s as highly effective because the variety of artifacts you’ve in play. That’s a strong physique that may be an offensive powerhouse proper from the beginning. You’ll be able to faucet artifacts for blue mana, producing further mana in a pinch. It’s also possible to pay mana to play the highest card of your library without cost, which is ideal if the cardboard is larger than 5 mana.

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