One Piece Odyssey options the most recent journey of the Straw Hat Pirates, however some are questioning when it takes place by way of the timeline of the collection. The One Piece spin-off media that exists outdoors of the manga usually takes liberties with the timeline, with among the movies and filler arcs of the anime that includes occasions that would not have occurred alongside the canon storyline, as they’re thought-about standalone adventures. The query is, does One Piece Odyssey fall within the canon or does it happen in its personal model of the timeline?

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Does One Piece Odyssey match the canon timeline?

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In One Piece Odyssey, the Straw Hat Pirates are trapped on a mysterious island, the place they will relive among the earlier story arcs. This implies One Piece Odyssey contains the Alabasta Kingdom arc, in addition to storylines like Water 7 and Enies Foyer. It’s clear that One Piece Odyssey is about after the in-universe timeskip, as the entire characters use their design from the Fishman Island story arc, however there are points pinpointing precisely when the story takes place.

There are two points concerning One Piece Odyssey’s timeline placement. In One Piece Odyssey, the Straw Hat Pirates can relive the Dressrosa arc, which implies that the occasions of the sport need to happen after that storyline. The issue is that the Straw Hat Pirates have been separated firstly of Dressrosa and weren’t reunited till the Wano arc, which solely just lately ended within the One Piece manga. Many of the crew have been reunited in the course of the Zou arc, however Sanji was absent at this level, and he’s one in every of One Piece Odyssey’s playable characters.

The second difficulty includes the absence of Jinbe as a member of the crew, as he joins the Straw Hat Pirates in the course of the Wano arc. Jinbe isn’t a part of the crew in One Piece Odyssey, which implies he hasn’t joined but. Which means One Piece Odyssey doesn’t slot in with the canon timeline, because the Straw Hat Pirates weren’t collectively from Dressrosa to Wano, and Jinbe isn’t a part of the crew. One Piece Odyssey has an authentic storyline that acts as a standalone journey, present outdoors of the boundaries of the timeline, and is supposed to be loved in the identical method as the opposite One Piece spin-offs.

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