The Cryo Hypostasis is a world boss in Genshin Impression and one of many many Hypostases bosses yow will discover within the recreation. This chilling boss is just like most of the different Hypostases bosses however has a collection of devastating assaults that may freeze you to the bone should you aren’t ready. Studying the best way to greatest soften this dice down is essential to earn the supplies essential to lift your characters, and you may learn to defeat the Cryo Hypostasis right here.

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The place to seek out the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impression

The Cryo Hypostasis is situated in the course of Dragonspine, an growth to Mondstadt. Extra particularly, there’s a Teleport Waypoint situated on the backside finish of Wyrmrest Valley. Teleport there, and it’s best to instantly see the Cryo Hypostasis just some meters away.

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Tips on how to beat the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impression

The Cryo Hypostasis has a wide range of assaults so that you can dodge. Like the opposite Hypostases bosses within the recreation, the Cryo Hypostasis has a fundamental sample: carry out an assault, and enter a state of vulnerability the place you possibly can assault the boss. The boss is only Cryo, that means all Cryo assaults are immune in opposition to this boss.

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One thing else to bear in mind whereas preventing this boss is managing Dragonspine’s Sheer Chilly mechanic. Right here, a bar will replenish on the backside of the display. When it fills up, you’ll begin taking passive DMG because of the chilly. There are gadgets across the Cryo Hypostasis the place you possibly can activate, heat up, and decrease your bar.

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One essential piece of recommendation to determine upfront is to remain as near the boss as doable. The Cryo Hypostasis has an assault the place it transforms right into a wheel, charging at you two to 3 instances earlier than getting into its weak state. This assault is annoying to take care of, notably due to the lengthy animation time. Staying near the boss prevents it from utilizing this transfer, as it’s going to solely carry out this assault should you maintain a distance.

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The Cryo Hypostasis has a wide range of assaults. When the Cryo Hypostasis rises up into the air with icicles surrounding it, be ready for an assault the place it unleashes the icicles round it thrice. You possibly can merely sprint away from this assault.

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This boss will even shoot icicles at you, which you’ll simply dodge.

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One other alternative to deal injury is throughout this transfer, the place the boss exposes itself and performs a wide range of ice assaults round it. In case you keep within the heart, you’ll not be hit and may injury the Hypostasis whereas it performs this assault. It’ll instantly defend itself afterward.

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After depleting sufficient HP, the Cryostasis will defend itself in an enormous Cryo defend. It’ll then shoot down ice balls at completely different corners of the map. You will need to run to those ice balls and carry out Charged Assaults towards the boss, which is able to eradicate a lot of the Cryo Defend. On this state, the Cryo Hypostasis will refill HP, so you could take away the defend as quicky as doable. After you take away the defend, will probably be weak to extra assaults.

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One factor to notice is Pyro assaults are additionally efficient in eradicating the defend. Dropping a Guoba from Xiangling or utilizing a few Bennett Elemental Ability assaults can scale back the variety of ice balls that you must shoot on the boss.

What rewards do you get from the Cryo Hypostasis?

You possibly can earn the next rewards for defeating this boss:

  • Crystalline Bloom
  • Shivada Jade gem set
  • Fortunate Canine artifact set
  • Berserker artifact set
  • The Exile artifact set
  • Prayers to Springtime artifact set
  • Gladiator’s Finale artifact set
  • Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set

Greatest characters to make use of for the Cryo Hypostasis

Hu Tao
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Because the Cryo Hypostasis is completely in a state of Cryo, Cryo characters are usually not efficient in opposition to this boss (except for Eula.) To make your life simpler, bringing a Pyro unit or two will assist this combat go easily, whereas additionally making the ultimate mechanic of this boss simpler. Subsequently, we suggest the next groups:

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Yelan + Zhongli
  • Xingqiu + Sucrose + Xiangling + Bennett
  • Yoimiya + Xingqiu + Zhongli + Bennett
  • Any crew with 4 Pyro characters

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