The Oceanid is a basic world boss in Genshin Affect, intimidating outdated and new gamers alike with its poetic speech and robust Oceanid enemies. Also called the Rhodeia of Loch, this boss is a vital boss to defeat for some crucial supplies to degree up your characters. Learn to conquer this fishy boss beneath.

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The place to search out the Oceanid in Genshin Affect

The Oceanid is discovered tucked away in a small lake by Wuwang Hill. The simplest strategy to navigate to the boss is to teleport to the next Teleport Waypoint. Afterward, climb a tiny staircase, and swim throughout the lake to achieve a platform the place the Oceanid is ready.

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To begin the battle, work together with a small puddle discovered on the platform. This puddle shouldn’t be in the identical location each time.

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Learn how to defeat the Oceanid in Genshin Affect

The Oceanid is not like most different bosses in Genshin Affect. The Oceanid will spawn waves of sturdy enemies often known as Hydro Mimics. There are eight several types of mimics. Every mimic is totally proof against Hydro, so it’s extremely really helpful to not deliver any Hydro models into this battle. You can’t truly instantly harm the Oceanid. As an alternative, defeating the mimics of the Oceanid spawn will deal harm to the boss.

The Crane and Raptor mimics will spawn in teams of three. The Crane assaults the participant with waves from a distance, whereas the Raptor flies round within the air and swoops round at you. These enemies are weak to Electro. It’s really helpful to deliver a bow or catalyst character to shoot the Raptors out of the air.

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The Duck and Crab mimics will spawn in teams of two. These enemies are weak to Cryo DMG. The crabs will stroll sporadically across the stage, spewing Hydro DMG at you. There’s additionally a Boar and Squirrel mimic that’s weak to Pyro DMG. The Squirrel passively refills HP whereas swinging its tail at you, whereas the Boar costs at you.

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The Frog and Finch mimics will solely spawn as soon as at a time. The Frog and Finch will each soar and plunge on the participant.

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After sure HP breakpoints (the primary two and fourth waves), the Oceanid will destroy sure platforms round you, highlighted in blue. You’ll be able to take harm in case you are struck by the Oceanid, so keep within the middle of the stage to keep away from being sunk. Word, after the primary time the Oceanid destroys the platforms, she is going to spawn an extra group of mimics per wave.

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After 5 waves of mimics, the Oceanid might be defeated. There isn’t a different strategy to deal harm to the Oceanid.

What rewards do you get from the Oceanid?

You’ll be able to earn the next rewards for defeating this boss:

  • Cleaning Coronary heart
  • Varunada Lazurite gem set
  • Adventurer artifact set
  • Berserker artifact set
  • The Exile artifact set
  • Prayers for Future artifact set
  • Gladiator’s Finale artifact set
  • Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set

Greatest characters to make use of for the Oceanid

Whereas avoiding Hydro characters, it’s endorsed to deliver bow or catalyst characters to cope with the extra cellular enemies, such because the Raptor and Crab. Bringing Cryo characters can even preserve these mimics perma-frozen, which is one other nice possibility. There are some hard-to-avoid assaults, so bringing a shielder like Zhongli or Diona can also be really helpful.

  • Ganyu + Diona + two extra helps
  • Yoimiya + Bennett + Zhongil + help
  • Fischl + Yae Miko + Zhongli + help

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