In Dwarf Fortress, there are an entire host of calamities that may strike your fortress in a method or one other. From illnesses, curses, enemy raids, divine wrath, and cave monsters, to call a couple of, there’s a new type of hazard lurking round each nook, preying in your dwarves. One of the crucial dreaded ones is the ambush from a werebeast. This occasion can ship your entire sport right into a downward spiral in case you don’t know the right way to deal with it (and sometimes even in case you do). However what precisely are werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress and what are you able to do about them? Learn on to search out out.

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What are werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress

Werebeasts are hybrids of an authentic sapient species and an animal, that flip into berserk animalistic varieties in the course of the full moon, which is after they assault something in sight and attempt to unfold their curse. 

In contrast to most threats to your base, werebeasts aren’t revealed till somebody spots them, as a result of they’ve an Ambush ranking of Legendary. That makes them significantly harmful in case your fortress will not be ready to deal with them, as a result of all it takes is a single chew to unfold their curse, which may then run rampant till you haven’t any dwarves left.

Werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes (although they’re virtually all the time bigger than customary dwarves). A few of the doable werebeast variants embody: 

  • Werechameleon (Reptile)
  • Weregecko (Reptile)
  • Weregilamonster (Reptile)
  • Wereiguana (Reptile)
  • Werelizard (Reptile)
  • Weremonitor (Reptile)
  • Wereskink (Reptile)
  • Weretortoise (Reptile)
  • Wereturtle (Reptile)
  • Wereanteater (Mammal)
  • Wereantelope (Mammal)
  • Wereape (Mammal)
  • Werearmadillo (Mammal)
  • Werebadger (Mammal)
  • Werebear (Mammal)
  • Werebeaver (Mammal)
  • Werebison (Mammal)
  • Werebuffalo (Mammal)
  • Werebull (Mammal)
  • Werecamel (Mammal)
  • Werecapybara (Mammal)
  • Werecat (Mammal)
  • Werecavy (Mammal)
  • Werechinchilla (Mammal)
  • Werecivet (Mammal)
  • Werecoati (Mammal)
  • Werecoyote (Mammal)
  • Weredeer (Mammal)
  • Weredonkey (Mammal)
  • Wereelephant (Mammal)
  • Wereelk (Mammal)
  • Werefox (Mammal)
  • Weregiraffe (Mammal)
  • Weregoat (Mammal)
  • Weregopher (Mammal)
  • Werehare (Mammal)
  • Werehedgehog (Mammal)
  • Werehorse (Mammal)
  • Werehyena (Mammal)
  • Werejackal (Mammal)
  • Werekangaroo (Mammal)
  • Werekoala (Mammal)
  • Werelemur (Mammal)
  • Werellama (Mammal)
  • Wereloris (Mammal)
  • Weremammoth (Mammal)
  • Weremarmot (Mammal)
  • Weremole (Mammal)
  • Weremongoose (Mammal)
  • Weremonkey (Mammal)
  • Weremoose (Mammal)
  • Weremouse (Mammal)
  • Wereopossum (Mammal)
  • Werepanda (Mammal)
  • Werepangolin (Mammal)
  • Werepanther (Mammal)
  • Werepig (Mammal)
  • Wereporcupine (Mammal)
  • Wererabbit (Mammal)
  • Wereraccoon (Mammal)
  • Wererat (Mammal)
  • Wererhinoceros (Mammal)
  • Weresheep (Mammal)
  • Wereshrew (Mammal)
  • Wereskunk (Mammal)
  • Weresloth (Mammal)
  • Weresquirrel (Mammal)
  • weretapir (Mammal)
  • werewarthog (Mammal)
  • wereweasel (Mammal)
  • werewolf (Mammal)
  • werewombat (Mammal)
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The animal a part of the werebeast determines its measurement and form, in addition to the assault sorts it has. For instance, some werebeasts retain the flexibility to make use of one or each of their fingers (and thus use weapons), whereas others must depend on venomous bites, hooves, horns, and so on.

Easy methods to cope with Werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress

If you happen to play on default settings, you will have a rising probability of being focused by a werebeast after passing the inhabitants measurement of 20 dwarves. That’s if you need to arrange an early warning system to detect a stealthed werebeast. For example, you may chain canine at a fringe or contained in the tunnels. Or use exterior cattle farms to sacrifice and purchase time. 

After they’re found, that you must have a means of sealing your fort and getting your dwarves inside till the total moon passes (a number of in-game days). Regular doorways received’t be an impediment for a werebeast, so it’s finest to make use of drawbridges with pulleys to seal your fort. After the total moon passes, the beast will revert again to a unadorned humanoid and flee the map.

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