In the correct fingers, Zarya may be one of many extra intimidating preseneces in Overwatch 2. She nonetheless maintains probably the greatest Ultimates within the sport along with her Graviton Surge, and when absolutely charged, her harm output is sort of second-to-none. That’s the reason whenever you come up towards a very good Zarya, you must know how you can counter her. Right here listed here are one of the best picks to take down a very good Zarya in Overwatch 2.

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The most effective hero picks to counter Zarya in Overwatch 2

Whereas Zarya could not all the time look to be one of the best Tank selection accessible in Overwatch 2, there are occasions the place it may possibly really feel not possible to take her down. Listed below are some good picks to neutralize her earlier than she will set your workforce up for failure.

  • Tank – Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma
  • Harm – Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker
  • Help – Lucio, Kiriko, Zenyatta

A standard theme with our counter picks above are they’ll do good harm to Zarya from a distance or they’ll keep away from her assaults higher than some. Sigma might be the only option within the Tank class, however Reinhardt and Roadhog can stand up to her assaults and deal heavy harm on her. The entire Harm class selections can hit her from long-range outdoors of her assaults, and Lucio can annoy her whereas avoiding her beam as Kiriko or Zenyatta lay heavy harm into her.

The large factor to recollect when attacking an enemy Zarya is when to place harm into her and when to attend and keep away from her fireplace. If she is at full well being and you might be alone attacking her, you might be a lot better off not hitting her bubbles and giving her cost. Exterior of that, if she is low well being, or you might have loads of workforce members ganging up on her, destroying her bubble to take her well being down fast is advisable. For instance, a Junkrat can simply give Zarya loads of cost rapidly, however she is low on well being, he’s really a good selection for ending her off as a result of he destroys her bubble so quick. At that time, it’s extra a matter of positioning as to who will stroll away from that interplay.

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