The Pyro Hypostasis is a world boss in Genshin Impression, and the fiery sizzling one within the Hypostasis household. Hypostasis bosses are elemental cores surrounded by cubical shells, and so they’re a noteworthy collection of bosses within the sport with related mechanics. Nonetheless, the Pyro Hypostasis is a bit totally different than the opposite ones in its group. Right here’s methods to beat the Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impression.

The place to seek out the Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impression

The Pyro Hypostasis is discovered on Inazuma, north of the Kujou Encampment island. It’s positioned pretty near the next Teleport Waypoint. When you teleport, simply head north, and it is best to see it whenever you stroll far sufficient.

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defeat the Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impression

In contrast to the opposite Hypostasis boss, this one doesn’t periodically go away its core uncovered so that you can harm. As an alternative, it has a Pyro defend on its shell that it’s important to whittle down with Elemental DMG. As soon as this defend goes down, it would then begin following the same sample to different Hypostasis bosses. This defend is most successfully diminished with Hydro DMG.

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Whereas in its first section, the boss will carry out a wide range of assaults on you as you try and take away its Pyro defend. Hydro assaults from a distance will nonetheless join on the boss whereas it’s attacking, so you may take away the defend whereas it’s performing its assaults. With this in thoughts, it’s beneficial to make use of Hydro characters that may assault from a distance, similar to Tartaglia, Kokomi, or Barbara.

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After eradicating its Pyro defend, the boss will start to carry out a extra regular sample of performing assaults, adopted by exposing its core so that you can deal harm. In essence, the common sample of a Hypostasis during which you deal harm first earlier than finishing an Elemental DMG-related mechanic is reversed on this boss.

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In case you are unable to defeat the boss in time, it would enter one other mechanic, creating three fireplace segments across the map. In case you go away these segments on the sector for too lengthy, it would cost up a meter that when crammed, will utterly restore the Pyro Hypostasis’ defend. Destroy the segments to cut back the quantity of cost it receives to make sure you can proceed attacking its core.

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What rewards are you able to get from the Pyro Hypostasis?

You’ll be able to earn the next rewards for defeating this boss:

  • Smoldering Pearl
  • Agnidus Agate gem set
  • Adventurer artifact set
  • Teacher artifact set
  • Berserker artifact set
  • Prayers for Illumination artifact set
  • Gladiator’s Finale artifact set
  • Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set

Finest characters for the Pyro Hypostasis

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Tartaglia is the most effective character to carry to this combat. Due to his passive, he can destroy the boss’ Pyro defend extraordinarily shortly, in addition to shoot at it from a protected distance because of his Aimed Shot (being a bow character). Pair Tartaglia with Bennett for therapeutic + an ATK buff, although Bennett’s assaults will do no harm to the Pyro Hypostasis. Different alternate options embody Barbara and Kokomi, though chances are you’ll have to compensate with harm on the previous.

  • Tartaglia + Bennett + two helps (one other Pyro char. beneficial for a +15% ATK buff)
  • Kokomi + Zhongil + two helps
  • Barbara + harm vendor of selection (no Pyro characters)

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