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How to Reset Skill Points in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You achieve talent factors to spend in your character to unlock hidden powers and passives every time you stage up in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These talent factors are essential to creating a singular playthrough and can help you in taking down tougher foes. Nonetheless, exterior of utilizing a mod, there’s no strategy to naturally take away your factors and put them in new locations out of your talent menu. If you wish to do that, it requires an merchandise known as Potion of Clearance. Right here’s what it’s essential learn about how you can reset talent factors in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The place to discover a Potion of Clearance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You may go to a handful of locations to discover a Potion of Clearance in The Witcher 3. The bottom recreation has a handful of areas, however there are a number of extra within the Blood and Wine enlargement for many who have it. Outdoors of buying them from distributors, once you begin a Witcher 3 playthrough within the New Recreation+ mode, a Potion of Clearance is routinely positioned into your stock to make use of at any time.

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These are all of the areas you could find the Potion of Clearance within the base Witcher 3 recreation.

  • Gildorf
  • Gremist
  • Keira Metz
  • Yolar

You could find Yolar and Gremist in Geyneith, a area in Skellige. You will want to unlock this space earlier than buying the potion, which could take a bit earlier than reaching this level.

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Nonetheless, Keira Metz is a a lot simpler service provider to find earlier within the recreation. Keira will likely be at her hut south of Blackbough, on the west aspect of Velen, alongside the coast. Different notable factors of curiosity embrace an deserted website ot the northwest of Keira’s hut, and there ought to be a quick journey level to the west of the home and one additional away, known as the Coast of Wrecks.

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The ultimate location is the service provider in Novigrad named Gildorf. You could find them in Novigrad, and they’ll have a Potion of Clearance on the market.

Once you wish to discover away from these areas and attain a excessive sufficient stage to unlock the Blood and Wine enlargement space, there are a number of extra areas the place retailers promote this merchandise. For instance, you could find it on a Service provider in Perfumery, a Herbalist at Castel Ravello, a Win Service provider in Dun Tynne Hillside, and a Herbalist in Beauclair.

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