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All Lore collectible locations in Helheim in God of War Ragnarok

In God of Conflict Ragnarok, Helheim is without doubt one of the 9 realms. It’s a spooky, bleak sort of a realm, what with being the Norse idea of the afterlife and all. Whereas most people don’t come to Helheim till after they die, Kratos is, after all, not most people. So, you’ll go to Helheim throughout The Path, God of Conflict Ragnarok’s principal story quest line, and also can come again to Helheim after you full the principle sport. Like each realm within the sport, it’s residence to a number of collectibles, together with two all-important Lore collectibles, each of that are within the Helgrind area.

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The place to search out the Lore collectibles in Helgrind in Helheim in God of Conflict Ragnarok

It’s attainable to get each of those Lore collectibles throughout the principle story, however should you miss them, you may at all times come again to Helheim by way of a Mystic Gateway. Helheim itself solely has one Mystic Gateway, particularly Hel’s Perch, so we’ll begin there.

The place to search out the Hraesvelgr Lore Marker in Helgrind in Helheim

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Go straight forward a brief distance from the Mystic Gateway and down some steps, then flip left. Climb the wall, then comply with the trail round to the left. The Lore Marker is on the left aspect of this path. There’s additionally an Odin’s Raven perched above it, so that you would possibly as properly get that whilst you’re right here.

The place to search out the Prayer to Hraesvelgr Rune Learn in Helgrind in Helheim

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From the Mystic Gateway take the appropriate fork, heading southeast, as an alternative of turning left as you probably did for the Hraesvelgr Lore Marker. Climb up the wall on the appropriate, then all the best way right down to the decrease flooring. Climb onto the platform on the north aspect of this space and browse the glowing blue writing on the massive stone slab.

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