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All Lore collectible locations in Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarok

In God of Conflict Ragnarok, Muspelheim is a volcanic realm recognized for its unhealthy air high quality and legendary forges. You’ll go to Muspelheim twice throughout The Path principal story quest line so as to full a few of your principal aims. However Muspelheim can also be the house of a number of collectibles for these completionist gamers who completely will need to have every thing. One of many collectibles in Muspelheim is the Valhalla Rises Rune Learn, which might be discovered within the Burning Cliffs area.

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The place to seek out the Valhalla Rises Rune Learn Lore collectible within the Burning Cliffs of Muspelheim

You’ll be able to’t get this Lore collectible throughout your first go to to Muspelheim when taking part in as Atreus and accompanied by Thor. Throughout that go to, you solely discover the Molten Lowlands. Through the second go to, whenever you’re taking part in as Kratos and accompanied by Atreus, you journey between the Burning Cliffs and Surtr’s Forge, and cross by means of the realm the place the Rune Learn is situated. Nonetheless, this explicit Rune Learn refers back to the fall of Asgard, and so received’t truly be seen and collectable till after you’ve accomplished the primary story, and may then return to Muspelheim taking part in as Kratos and accompanied by Freya.

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Beginning on the Burning Cliffs Mystic Gateway, leap east throughout the hole, then drop right down to the south. Soar southwest throughout the hole, then enter the cave and squeeze by means of the hole within the southwest wall. Flip left and shimmy alongside the ledge behind the lavafall, then observe the trail east till you attain an open space with a chest in it. You’ll be attacked by a gaggle of highly effective Einherjar, so defeat them to gather a Remnant of Asgard. The Valhalla Rises Rune Learn Lore collectible is the glowing blue writing on the wall subsequent to the chest. Work together with it to gather it.

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