The ultimate boss within the Euphrosyne alliance is Menphina for Remaining Fantasy XIV. Menphina is likely one of the Twelve and might be a fearsome opponent you and 23 different gamers might want to defeat to finish this encounter. It won’t be simple, and your timing will must be excellent to outlive the battle. Right here’s what you should find out about methods to defeat Menphina within the Euphrosyne alliance raid in Remaining Fantasy XIV.

All Menphina’s assaults and strikes within the Euphrosyne alliance raid in Remaining Fantasy XIV

A typical assault you’re going to see on this battle is Blue Moon. It’s an unavoidable assault that can harm everybody within the battle, so healers will need to concentrate on it and supply any heals they will go to these with decrease well being. Everybody must also activate any mitigation talents to assist decrease this harm.

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One of many earlier assaults Menphina makes use of is Love’s Mild, the place she summons a big moon exterior the sector. The moon will begin coated in darkness, however when Menphina makes use of Full Vivid, the moon begins to mild up, and when it turns into full, it unleashes harm throughout the middle of the world. You’ll be able to watch the moon attain this level and put together for it accordingly by going to 1 aspect of the sector.

There are totally different variations of this assault the place Love’s Mild summons 4 small moons on the heart of the sector. Two moons might be coated in darkness, and the opposite might be half-covered. The half-covered ones will activate first, so don’t stand of their AoEs.

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Subsequent, we have now Lunar Kiss, small AoE assaults that concentrate on every tank within the celebration. Everybody within the celebration will need to separate from one another to keep away from taking extra harm, and healers will need to shield the tanks with overwhelming heals. Much like that is Silver Mirror, nevertheless it goes round distinctive gamers within the raid. The gamers hit by this goal will need to diverge from the group to keep away from hitting others. Along with these AoEs are the Moonset giant AoEs, the place the boss jumps to every space of the sector proven on the ground.

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A routine assault Menphina does is Midnight Frost, the place one aspect of the battlefield is slowly coated in ice. Stand on the other aspect o this ice, avoiding the assault. You might have to swap to standing behind Menphina or in entrance of her.

When Menphina does Selenain, she is going to go right into a defended stance, and also you now have to deal with the pillars as Menphina fees up her Lovers Energy. If she reaches 100, the encounter ends, and everybody wipes. We suggest specializing in a single pillar because the timer goes up slower with fewer pillars on the battlefield. A handful of Ice Sprites will seem throughout this section that despatched out a cone AoE assault at random gamers, forcing everybody to maneuver across the area to keep away from these assaults.

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Finally, Menphina will use the Rise of the Twin Moons assault, a full raid AoE, forcing the healers in your celebration to organize for that heavy harm. On prime of that, Menphina summons Dalamud, an untargetable mount that partially modifications up her moveset for the remainder of the encounter; you’ll need to take note of Dalamud’s place transferring ahead as this mount unleashes a number of heavy assaults alongside Menphina’s strikes, corresponding to Midnight Frost, to call one.

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An assault Menphina makes use of alongside Dalamud is Playful Orbit, the place Menphina separates from Dalamud. You’ll need to look ahead to Dalamud’s place as each it and Menphina will unleash Midnight Frost. One other new assault to look at is Winter Solstice, the place many of the battlefield turns into ice, and also you’ll have to skate throughout it to a protected space. You’ll be able to anticipate to see a handful of assaults being utilized by bosses, corresponding to Playful Orbit and Winter Halo.

You’ll comply with this routine for the remainder of the encounter. You should have accomplished the alliance raid after Menphina has been defeated.

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