Pals, we lastly reside in a world the place Last Fantasy 7 has voice performing. No, I do not imply Last Fantasy 7 Remake (opens in new tab)—that rank pretender—I imply the clamour of polygons that’s the unique, PS1-era basic. Due to the devoted work of a modding group known as Tsunamods (opens in new tab), Last Fantasy 7’s very, very long script (opens in new tab) can now be loved along with your ears in addition to your eyes utilizing the Echo-S 7 mod (opens in new tab).

The voice work was finished by a world staff of volunteers from the Tsunamods group, who got here collectively to voice “Each essential, minor, and NPC” within the recreation. If, like me, you’ve gotten various scarring reminiscences of ‘group voice performing’ packs from ages previous, you may relaxation assured: Tsunamods guarantees that “The primary and minor solid are all well-trained actors with incredible vocal and tech high quality”.

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