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Skyblivion announces 2025 release date

The staff of modders behind Skyblivion, the venture aiming to recreate Oblivion in Skyrim’s engine (as distinct from Morroblivion, porting Morrowind into Oblivion’s engine, and Skywind, which is porting Morrowind into Skyrim’s engine), will need to have acquired sick of individuals asking them when their decade-plus work would lastly be completed. The most recent trailer gives an “official launch 12 months announcement,” declaring that Skyblivion will likely be completed by 2025. Which might be before we’ll see The Elder Scrolls 6, at the least.

That is 2025 “on the newest” as is made plain by the YouTube video’s description. “Making video games takes time,” it says, “this goes double for a volunteer venture the dimensions of a AAA sport that took a staff of fulltime DEVS years to make. Regardless we want to share immediately that Skyblivion is in a state the place we are able to promise a 2025 launch on the newest.” 

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