Stellaris’ new story pack has been introduced, and presents gamers with an entire new avenue for profoundly unethical behaviour. Specializing in pre-spaceflight civilisations, the First Contact pack consists of new origins, new methods to work together with species that have not reached the celebrities but, and (when you actually need to screw with their heads) cloaking know-how on your ships.

The brand new origins all hew to the pack’s first contact theme. There’s one the place your species was fairly actually kidnapped by aliens, however managed to forged down the subjugators; one other the place you solely discovered spaceflight by repelling an alien invasion (in some way) and utilizing their tech; and a last one the place your civilisation is a sort of galactic Sentinel Island (opens in new tab), with a lot of the inhabitants favouring staying at dwelling and out of contact with no matter different polities may lie outdoors your photo voltaic system. Most likely good, contemplating prior Stellaris expansions have outfitted these guys with the means to turn your planet to dust (opens in new tab).

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