One of many new key phrases which can be being launched in Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One set is Corrupted, which ties into Phyrexia’s theme of corrupting life for its functions. The Corrupted key phrase is carefully tied to the Poison Counter mechanic, which is being given a serious push in Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

In Magic: The Gathering, Poison Counter present an alternate win situation. If a card can inflict Poison Counters, then they’re hooked up to an opposing participant for the rest of the sport. If that participant has ten Poison Counters on them, then they lose the sport. As such, Poison Counter decks have the power to attain a swift victory, assuming they’ll bypass an opponent’s defenses.

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Corruption mechanic in Magic: The Gathering

The Skrelv's Hive and The Seedcore cards from Magic: The Gathering
Picture By way of Wizards of the Coast

The playing cards which have the Corrupted key phrase achieve advantages when an opposing participant has three or extra Poison Counters on them. The Skrelv’s Hive Enchantment (seen above) makes use of Corrupted to grant Lifelink to creatures with Poisonous, giving them the facility to heal when dealing harm. The Seedcore Land (seen above) features a further faucet impact when Corrupted is energetic, permitting them to offer a 1/1 creature a +2/+1 bonus till the tip of the flip.

Corrupted has lots of potential in Poison Counter decks, nevertheless it does have some drawbacks. The most important is that it may take time for the opposing participant to be hit with three Poison Counters, so the Corrupted results aren’t of any use in the course of the early phases of the match. Evaluate this to the Poisonous mechanic launched in the identical set, which can also be about hitting opponents with Poison Counters as quickly as doable. Corrupted and Poisonous work properly collectively and gamers ought to anticipate to see them utilized in tandem when Phyrexia: All Will Be One hits retailer cabinets.

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