Gus McMillian is a vendor you could find in Pink Lifeless On-line, with a number of distinctive gadgets you may purchase whereas enjoying the sport. Most of the merchandise necessities for Gus have you ever searching down a few of the extra highly effective animals to search out whereas exploring the wildlife. Right here’s what it’s essential to find out about all gadgets that Gus McMillian sells in Pink Lifeless On-line.

Garment Units

Garment Units stem from Legendary Animals. Get hold of the missions from Harriet however kill the animal as an alternative of sampling it. Don’t worry; the animal respawns every mission, so there’s no restrict to how usually you may kill it or pattern it. These animals all the time take a number of photographs to kill with out ruining the standard.

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Because of the bugs related to Legendary animal spawns at increased ranges, we haven’t unlocked the free-roam gadgets but.

  • Banded Hood and Coat
    • $772.25
    • Banded Gator Pores and skin
  • Chalk Horn Hood and Coat
    • $398.50
    • Chalk Horn Ram Pelt
  • Cogi Hood and Coat
  • Cross Hood and Coat
  • Emerald Hoot and Coat
    • $325.00
    • Emerald Wolf Pelt
  • Gabbro Horn Hood and Coat
    • $254.00
    • Gabbro Horn Ram Pelt
  • Icahi Hood and Coat
  • Iguga Hood and Coat
    • $575.00
    • Iguga Cougar Pelt
  • Inahme Hood and Coat
  • Iwakta Hood and Coat
    • $845.00
    • Iwakta Panther Pelt
  • Katata Hood and Coat
  • Marble Hood and Coat
  • Maza Hood and Coat
  • Midnight Paw Hood and Coat
    • $402.50
    • Midnight Paw Coyote Pelt
  • Milk Hood and Coat
  • Moon Hood and Coat
  • Moonstone Hood and Coat
    • $772.25
    • Moonstone Wolf Pelt
  • Mud Runner Hood and Coat
    • $220.50
    • Mud Runner Buck Pelt
  • Night time Hood and Coat
    • $575.00
    • Night time Beaver Pelt
  • Nightwalker Hood and Coat
    • $422.50
    • Nightwalker Panther Pelt
  • Onyx Hood and Coat
  • Ota Hood and Coat
  • Ozula Hood and Coat
  • Payta Hood and Coat
  • Pink Streak Hood and Coat
    • $256.60
    • Pink Streak Coyote Pelt
  • Rutile Horn Hood and Coat
    • $615.60
    • Rutile Horn Ram Pelt
  • Sapa Hood and Coat
  • Shadow Hood and Coat
  • Snow Hood and Coat
  • Solar Hood and Coat
  • Tatanka Hood and Coat
  • Teca Hood and Coat
  • Wakpa Hood and Coat
  • Winyan Hood and Coat
    • $548.25
    • Winyan Bison Pelt
  • Zizi Hood and Coat


There are six classes of clothes: Hats, Bandoliers, Coats, Gauntlets, Gloves, and Pants. As a result of there are Legendary Animals of a number of colours (Darkish, Mild, Pink, Blonde, and Patterned, in response to the journal), all of the clothes gadgets have totally different coloration variations. We’ve compiled a listing of all of the gadgets and their necessities.


  • Babin Hat – $175.00
  • Cornhill Hat – $166.25
  • Seaward Hat – $139.59
  • Dotson Hat – $172.50


  • Farnholme Bandolier – $160
  • Farnholme Double Bandolier – $320
    • Two Good Deer Carcasses
  • Tanguma Bandolier – $174
  • Tanguma Double Bandolier – $348


  • Maerbay Coat – $315.25
  • Glenwood Coat – 5 Gold Bars
    • not crafted, bought with gold bars, and obtainable straight away.
  • Maxwell Jacket – $188.25



  • Tierney Gauntlets – $136.25


  • Mountfleet Gloves – $105



Trinkets are further, costly gadgets Gus can craft relying on the elements supplied. The Naturalist position requires pulling assets from different roles. For instance, Harriet turns into upset with you in the event you kill animals too usually, which can be a problem for hardcore Merchants. Gus is similar approach. The trinkets require each animal elements and jewellery from the Collector position. 

Regardless of taking gadgets from the Collector, Trinkets will buff the participant. Every buff will likely be listed with the merchandise. 

  • Beaver Tooth Trinket – $795
    • Two Beaver Enamel, Calumet Turquoise Earrings
    • Completely slows degradation for all weapons by 10 p.c
  • Buck Antler Trinket – $775
    • Buck Antlers, Dane Topaz Necklace
    • The participant is extra more likely to obtain higher high quality pelts and skins from animals in excellent situation.
  • Javelina Tusk Trinket – $500
    • Javelina Tusk, Elliston Carved Bracelet
    • Completely will increase the participant’s horse bonding charge by 10 p.c.
  • Ram Horn Trinket – $550
    • Bighorn Horn, Aubrey Onyx Ring
    • Choosing Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint yields twice as many herbs.
  • Snowy Egret Trinket – $800
    • Three Snowy Egret Plumes
    • Braxton Amethyst Necklace


Gear is a part of the upgrades obtainable based mostly on position development. No less than a few of them are. There are two classes of kit, weapons and “made-to-order saddle baggage”.


  • Alligator Variant (Improved Bow) – 9 Gold Bars
  • Horned Variant (Improved Bow) – 12 Gold Bars
  • Jaguar Variant (Improved Bow) – 14 Gold Bars

Made-To-Order Saddle Luggage:

Saddle baggage will be bought from Gus however have to be outfitted on the stables.

  • Bigpaw Saddle Bag – 8 Gold Bars
    • No provides. Gold buy and obtainable straight away. 
  • Softcoat Saddle Bag – $205


Gus does present ammunition. These don’t require the participant to donate provides. They are often purchased straight away.

  • Arrows (x5) – $0.20
  • Varmint Rifle Cartridges (x60) – $0.40
  • Nitro Categorical Rifle Cartridges (x4) – $0.40

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