Oblivion’s rats at the moment are as uncouth as they’re unclean, due to a mod from creator DavaScript (opens in new tab) that imbues the sport’s rodents with all of the unbridled rage of early 2000s web. The Swearing Rats mod (opens in new tab) makes use of clips from an notorious (and historic) Ventrilo person meltdown to show their squeaks and yelps right into a barrage of ingenious invective. There isn’t a purpose for it to exist and we should always all be very grateful it does.

The mod is scarily efficient. Listening to Oblivion’s rats—most likely the weakest enemies in the entire sport—threaten to tear off numerous of my appendages and discover new properties for them in different components of my physique actually does make them fairly a bit extra intimidating than they normally are. It is like being pursued by 100 four-legged variations of Malcolm Tucker (opens in new tab); I can not consider something extra terrifying.

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