Top 20 Best Frightfest Movies of All Time, Ranked from Worst to Best

Frightfest is an annual occasion that takes place mostly in London and Glasgow. Annually totally different horror and fantasy motion pictures are proven to viewers, often earlier than their theatrical launch. Fightfest is thought to oftentimes assist the success of those motion pictures, as early watchers’ suggestions throughout the occasion boosts the hype surrounding them.

Since Frightfest began within the yr 2000, there was an abundance of quintessential movies proven. Whereas there’s greater than loads of nice motion pictures that confirmed on the occasion, listed below are the Frightfest motion pictures with the potential of withstanding time and are often known as a few of the finest Frightfest horror motion pictures on the market.

20. Disturbia

A young woman standing next to a young man who's holding a pair of binoculars.
Picture Supply: Paramount Footage through IMDb

When a teenage boy finally ends up on home arrest after an incident in school, he decides to move the time spying on his neighbors with a pair of binoculars. Whereas spying on certainly one of his neighbors, he begins to suspect that he would possibly truly be a serial killer.

Disturbia is pure enjoyment bottled up right into a film. As an adaptation of the traditional film Rear Window, it manages to distinguish itself by modernizing the story and including some lighthearted jokes, however it’s nonetheless thrilling with loads of motion like the unique. It’s the most effective popcorn motion pictures, which is why it simply slid its method onto this record.

19. Summer season of ’84

A group of 4 young teenagers walking side by side and holding flashlights.

Summer season of ’84 follows a bunch of children who imagine that the native police officer could be a serial killer. As their investigation begins to get out of hand, the group finds that their lives are at stake.

Summer season of ’84 has drawn many comparisons to Stranger Issues as a result of it additionally follows youthful teenagers within the ’80s. Whereas there are similarities within the total vibe, this film has extra of a concentrate on the thriller, and there are not any Demogorgons concerned right here. Regardless of their likeness, Summer season of ’84 stands its personal floor by having nice suspense and distinctive characters.

18. 1408

A man standing by an open window looking panicked and holding a lamp.
Picture Supply: Dimension Movies through IMDb

In 1408, an creator decides to remain in essentially the most haunted room at a haunted resort with a purpose to write a e-book about it. Throughout his keep there, he begins to see wild hallucinations and spirits as he begins to lose contact with actuality.

One of many extra fascinating details about 1408 is that it truly launched with a unique ending in theaters than the model proven in a while DVDs and streaming companies, which means it’s seemingly that two individuals who have seen the movie won’t have watched the identical finale.

17. The Innkeepers

A woman and man holding a flashlight and looking down a flight of stairs.
Picture Supply: Magnolia Footage through IMDb

The Innkeepers takes place in a resort with a haunted previous. When two new friends which have a historical past with the place arrive, two workers determine to analyze whether or not or not the resort is actually haunted.

This film’s gradual tempo actually helps construct up the suspense and proves that in a ghost story generally much less is extra. Its darkish environment and spooky resort setting actually set the tone and provides the viewer an uneasy feeling earlier than something scary even occurs.

16. You’re Subsequent

A woman holding an axe, standing in front of a window.
Picture Supply: Lionsgate through IMDb

When a younger girl named Erin goes on a dinner date to fulfill her companion’s household for his mother or father’s marriage ceremony anniversary, the whole lot begins to collapse once they notice they’re being focused by a bunch of killers.

Erin might be the most effective remaining women in all of horror, as she was somebody who was sensible, courageous, and prepared to place up a battle. You’re Subsequent takes an fascinating flip because it’s one of many few horror movies the place the sufferer finally ends up changing into the menace.

15. Oculus

A young woman and man standing in front of a window, both looking behind them.
Picture Supply: Leisure One through IMDb

After being launched from a psychological establishment the place he was dedicated for murdering his mother and father, his sister convinces him to return to their childhood residence the place the murders occurred. Satisfied that paranormal entities had been at play within the tragic occasions, the 2 arrange cameras round the home with a purpose to achieve proof, all whereas reliving their childhood trauma.

What makes this film particularly fascinating is that there are two timelines being proven, and the extra revealed previously makes the occasions within the current timeline even scarier. Oculus is an extremely chilling film that at instances feels paying homage to The Haunting of Hill Home, which can also be written and directed by Mike Flanagan.

14. The Home of the Satan

A young woman with blood and sweat all over her face.
Picture Supply: MPI Media Group through IMDb

After a school pupil takes on a babysitting job, she finds the scenario suspicious as she by no means sees who she’s alleged to be watching. When mysterious occasions start to happen, she realizes her employer requested her service for extra sinister causes.

The Home of the Satan is a movie that retains viewers on the sting of their seats. It’s a mysterious movie that makes the viewer really feel as in the event that they’re truly there, watching the whole lot unravel alongside the primary character. It additionally has a ’70s and ’80s aesthetic to it, which makes it paying homage to previous horror flicks.

13. Oldboy

A man with a bruised face holding up a notepad at a store, standing beside a younger woman.
Picture Supply: CJ Leisure through IMDb

After being imprisoned for years, a person named Dae-Su is launched and given some important gadgets corresponding to garments, a cellular phone, and cash. With no info as to why he was jailed or launched, he makes a plan to search out the individuals who captured him.

Oldboy’s quick pacing, stunning ending, and wonderful visuals make it a film price watching – and it’s actually totally different from many different movies which have performed at Frightfest. Regardless that this one isn’t horror like many others on this record, it nonetheless manages to be the most effective.

12. The Descent

Two women lying down in a cave, looking worried.
Picture Supply: Celador Movies

When a bunch of buddies decides to go on an expedition via a cave, issues take a darkish flip once they change into trapped inside after which notice they aren’t the one individuals, or creatures, there.

The Descent is a creature function with monsters which are paying homage to the Wendigoes on Supernatural. The creatures within the movie known as crawlers, are blind and depend on their listening to to assault, which leads to an anxiety-inducing film that’s actually memorable.

11. Improve

A man screaming under red lighting.
Picture Supply: Blumhouse Productions

Happening in a technologically superior future, Improve follows a person who loses his spouse and turns into paralyzed after a automobile crash. When a scientist reaches out to him to check a brand new chip that can give him the flexibility to maneuver once more, he accepts the provide. After realizing his different senses are heightened as properly, he then decides to take revenge on whoever triggered the accident that ruined his life.

In contrast to many different Frightfest motion pictures, Improve is extra of a science fiction film as a substitute of a horror or fantasy. It’s a movie that can maintain the viewer on their toes and shocked by its reveals but additionally handle to deliver out just a few laughs from its comedic moments.

10. Donnie Darko

Man holding up a flashight with a determined face.
Picture Supply: Newmarket Movies through IMDb

Donnie Darko follows a teenage boy who sees a person dressed up in a bunny costume. Nobody else can see this man aside from him, and the person dressed up as a bunny warns Donnie that the world will quickly come to an finish.

Donnie Darko seems like a visit, there are such a lot of wild issues occurring within the film that continuously maintain the viewer guessing about what’s actual and what’s not. That is the kind of film that can depart the viewer questioning what occurred hours after watching, in the easiest way doable.

9. The Orphanage

A young boy standing in a hallway with a nightgown and scary sheet over his head.
Picture Supply: Rodar y Rodar

After a lady strikes again into her childhood orphanage along with her household and turns it into a house for sick kids, she begins to see the spirits of kids who lived within the orphanage earlier than. When her son turns into sick and goes lacking, she believes that the ghosts are attempting to assist her discover her son.

Whereas The Orphanage is a ghost story at its core, at instances it may very well be extra touching than it’s scary. This isn’t to say the film doesn’t have horror parts, there are creepy themes and scares all through the movie, however its heartbreaking story units it other than different ghost motion pictures.

8. Battle Royale

A group of students passed out on a bus.
Picture Supply: Toei Firm

Battle Royale follows a category of excessive schoolers as they’re all despatched to an island with collars round their necks. They’re instructed that with a purpose to make it out alive, they need to battle one another and change into the final survivor, or else all of their collars will explode.

There’s a whole lot of debate surrounding the origin of the battle royale style, however there’s no denying that this film helped to outline battle royale as we all know it in motion pictures, video games, and TV right now. Motion pictures like The Starvation Video games and video video games like Apex Legends and Fortnite in all probability wouldn’t be round right now if it weren’t for this film.

7. The Conjuring

A person tied up to a chair with a blanket over them, while a woman besides them is screaming and trying to exorcise them.
Picture Supply: Warner Bros. Footage through IMDb

Within the Seventies, a household strikes into a brand new residence and finds an evil presence having a unfavourable impact on their household. As issues start to worsen, they contact ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren to rid their residence of the malevolent spirits.

The Conjuring is undoubtedly the most effective trendy ghost motion pictures, because it combines so many horrifying themes like dangerous spirits, exorcisms, and real-life ghost hunters. The truth that it’s primarily based on true occasions makes it all of the extra terrifying.

6. Practice to Busan

A group of people looking panicked and running on a train.
Picture Supply: Subsequent Leisure World through IMDb

The motion by no means stops in Practice to Busan, as a person turns into trapped in a dashing practice along with his daughter throughout a zombie apocalypse. Regardless of the percentages, he’ll cease at nothing to maintain his household protected.

Practice to Busan is finally a movie about household, love, and sacrifice. Zombies are simply used as a approach to get their level throughout, because it exhibits the great aspect of humanity and the way individuals will do something for these they love, leading to an emotional, but thrilling journey.

5. 28 Days Later

A man standing in a deserted London wearing hospital clothes, with the Big Ben in view behind him.
Picture Supply: twentieth Century Studios through IMDb

28 Days Later follows Jim, who wakes up in a hospital from a coma and realizes that he’s left in an apocalyptic world. He then meets up with a bunch of different survivors, and collectively they embark on a harmful journey to discover a protected location to dwell the remainder of their lives.

28 Days Later is a lot greater than a zombie film, because it exhibits how horrible humanity can change into when in a dire scenario. In comparison with different zombie flicks, this one stands out as a result of it exhibits how individuals can truly be scarier than monsters. After this movie got here out, the complexities of zombies in most leisure shifted, with content material like The Final of Us, The Strolling Lifeless, and extra clearly drawing inspiration from 28 Days Later.

4. The Satan’s Spine

A creepy ghost child standing in a sewer.
Picture Supply: Canal+ España

Happening throughout the Spanish civil struggle, an orphaned boy strikes into a brand new college. As he explores his new residence, he begins to see the spirit of one other boy who might have lived there earlier than.

Guillermo del Toro has gone on to make many iconic movies since this one, however The Satan’s Spine is the film that actually put him on the market as a horror mastermind after having his huge break with Cronos. This film fantastically blends horror, struggle, and the perils of childhood.

3. The Babadook

A bloody woman screaming and holding her child.
Picture Supply: Umbrella Leisure

The Babadook follows a single mom who has been combating psychological well being issues after the lack of her husband. All of the whereas, her son begins to say there’s a monster of their residence, which begins to hang-out the each of them.

The Babadook is an extremely considerate film that exhibits how troublesome it may be to be a mom whereas additionally grappling with melancholy. There are lots of extra horrors that this film conveys apart from the monster, which supplies it extra depth than the typical scary film.

2. Barbarian

A woman looking around a house with a man standing behind her.
Picture Supply: twentieth Century Studios

When a younger girl arrives at her AirBnB to search out that one other man has already been booked there, she makes the dangerous selection to remain there as properly. After some time, she begins to listen to mysterious sounds and discovers a hidden room within the basement, and realizes she’s not as protected as she thought.

Barbarian is a film that can continuously maintain the viewer guessing, and it was praised for being comedic, mysterious, and never taking itself too severely whereas nonetheless managing to be creepy. One of many largest criticisms of the movie is the protagonist’s dedication to creating unhealthy selections, however with out her errors, the film wouldn’t be almost as enjoyable.

1. Pan’s Labyrinth

A young girl confronting a pale monster who's sitting at a dinner table with missing eyes and sharp bloody claws.
Picture Supply: Warne Bros. Footage

Pan’s Labyrinth follows a younger woman named Ofelia throughout the Spanish civil struggle. After following a fairy who leads her on to a faun, the faun tells her that she’s a princess, however with a purpose to declare her kingdom she should endure three trials to show that she’s worthy.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a phenomenal mixture of fantasy and horror because it exhibits a little bit woman determined to flee the horrors of actuality and dwell in a fantasy world. It’s a film that has a lot emotion to it, even the fantasy facets of the film are darkish, whereas the horror is mirrored extra within the struggle and horrid life that Ofelia endures.

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