Bloober Team showed 11 minutes of gameplay of psychedelic horror Layers of Fear still a walking simulator, but now on Unreal Engine 5 on Unreal Engine 5: The full episode of the crash caused the accident

The Polish writer and developer Bloober Crew revealed an 11-minute video revealing the sport of Their psychedelic horror sport Layers of Worry (Layers of Fears) to the general public in latest weeks.

Photograph Supply: Bloober Crew.

Recall that Layers of Worry is a compilation of the unique Layers of Worry (plus Inheritance) and Layers of Worry 2, with extra story chapters and up to date gameplay.

The introduced video exhibits two fragments: first introduces the Author to the brand new episode (“The Lighthouse”, the place it’s protagonist,” and second, the excerpt from the precise lifetime of the Artist, the unique Hero of Layers of Worry.

With the position of the author (the actress), whose important character is in reality a girl, gamers will go on to discover a abandoned darkness and uncover a totally new story within the Layers of Worry universe. It’s a should for all elements of the collection.

The artist lays the key secret in his position and helps with an kerosene lamp that he can play as a weapon to counter sport nightmares.

The 11-minute video that consists of actions listed within the new layer of worry elapsed fairly than to take a trip by the corridors and to review notes, within the least, however at least in a cool setting.

The brand new layer of worry is anticipated to be launched in June this 12 months on PC (Steam, Epic Video games Retailer, Xbox 5, X, S). As well as, they supply a full-featured efficiency on the Unreal Engine with a ray tracing engine and a Lumen LED lighting know-how.

If you happen to discover a failure, flip off the arrow and begin a crow within the center.

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