Worst Of The Worst – 12 Downright Horrible Motion pictures From The 2000s

Searching for a nasty film? You are in luck!

A current on-line dialogue exhibits the 12 absolute worst motion pictures from the 2000s. We have compiled 12 of the most well-liked responses.

1. Norbit (2007)

Norbit 2007
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The 2007 Eddie Murphy comedy options Murphy taking part in a number of performances as he did in The Nutty Professor.

Sadly, Norbit does not obtain the identical acclaim. It was nominated for eight Golden Raspberry Awards as one of many worst motion pictures of the yr.

2. The Taking place (2008)

Picture Credit score: Twentieth Century Fox.

One fan posted, “The Taking place is legit one of many worst motion pictures I’ve ever seen.” One other laughed, “They outran the wind! lol.” TheMayb mentioned, “Oh my god, this was essentially the most painful factor I’ve ever watched. It was like Shyamalan went to each actor and mentioned, ‘I see you’ve some performing chops… overlook the whole lot you’ve got ever identified about performing and skim the traces with as little emotion as attainable.”

They continued, “I am speaking cardboard cutout ranges of empathy. Belief me. I made the Sixth Sense. I do know issues….’

3. Planet of the Apes (2001)

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

One moviegoer mentioned, “Burton’s Planet of the Apes is not good.” One other consumer posted, “It is not an awesome film. It is not even film!” A 3rd acknowledged, “Planet of the Apes was torture.”

They continued, “Like having my junk crushed for 2 hours. The overacting ape grunting was cringe sufficient, however the story arc was a complete mess.” One other posted, “There is a subplot that entails an orangutan stealing Tylenol and promoting it to kids.”

4. Figuring out (2009)

Picture Credit score: Summit Leisure.

One movie fan posted, “It is like Nationwide Treasure aside from its sizzling rubbish.” One other mentioned, “Yeah, and I did just like the campy twist reveal the place they’re like, ’33 folks die? Nicely, that is not that unhealthy,’ after which they flip it over and go, ‘It is EE…everybody else!’ It is so foolish.” One consumer commented, “It goes off the rails when the aliens present as much as take all the youngsters away.”

5. Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

One critic posted, “That movie is a travesty!” One other replied, “Nay, it’s an abomination.” A 3rd mentioned, “The movie is so unhealthy even ‘unhealthy movie’ lists do not need to give it publicity.”

One fan acknowledged, “So far as I am involved, they by no means made that film.”

6. The Love Guru (2008)

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Oner movie buff mentioned, “Oh man, the love guru. I used to be an enormous Austin Powers fan, so I used to be first in line when that got here out. However good God, was that film horrible. I attempted to look at it a couple of years in the past to see if possibly I had misjudged it, however nope, it is sizzling rubbish.”

One other mentioned, “I’ve by no means completed that film as it is so completely horrible. I even sat by way of Grasp of Disguise and laughed at a few of it, however The Love Guru was dreadful.” 

7. From Justin to Kelly (2003)

From Justin to Kelly
Picture Credit score: Twentieth Century Fox.

Keep in mind when American Idol first debuted? After which they made a film starring the primary season’s finalists, Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson?

The movie solely made $4.9 million on the field workplace on a price range of $12 million.

8. Cat within the Hat (2003)

Picture Credit score: Common Photos.

One individual mentioned, “The one downside was that it was billed as a child’s film and never a younger grownup darkish comedy. However, it was humorous, not a nasty film, if not completely lore correct, and a bit tousled.”

One other consumer posted, “It is a horrible mess of a film. Nobody provides efficiency, it seems to be insufferable, Myers is terrible, The Cat is extraordinarily annoying because the lead character, the humor bounces between infantile and weirdly mature, it is mean-spirited, the music is terrible, and the pacing sucks.”

7. Home of the Lifeless (2003)

Picture Credit score: Artisan Leisure.

One horror fan mentioned, “Home of the Lifeless is likely one of the worst movies of all time. The primary time a personality died, I laughed out loud, and so they did the top display screen factor.” Another person agreed, saying, “Even Boll hates it, and he adopted it up with Alone within the Darkish and Bloodrayne. It is simply that unhealthy.” 

One other replied, “I really like these 360 pans across the characters when they’re armed to the tooth preventing zombies. That was so excessive.” One other consumer mentioned, “That is the one film I’ve ever walked out of within the theatre!”

8. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor
Picture Credit score: Buena Vista Photos.

One movie fan mentioned, “The motion scenes are stellar. The issue is that many of the film is a lame love triangle.” One other shared, “The climax is the center of the film. So after the assault on Pearl Harbor, we’re imagined to take care of these two brothers? And their love for some nurse? I actually overlook many of the film earlier than and after the assault. Such a silly film.”

A 3rd mentioned, “I believed the film ended after the hectic battle scene. BUT IT KEPT GOING AND NEVER STOPPED. I hate that film.”

11. Catwoman (2004)

Image of actress Halle Berry
Picture Credit score: Warner Bros.

One film watcher posted, “Halle Berry deserved higher.” One other mentioned, “There are workplace scenes that happen days aside, however the characters put on the identical garments. I am guessing they have been the identical scene as soon as however bought reduce up into two days.”

A 3rd replied, “The basketball scene, the place it is instantly apparent that neither of them had ever performed basketball!”

12. Grasp of Disguise (2002)

Picture Credit score: Sony Photos Releasing

One filmgoer posted, “Dana Carvey’s profession died with that film.” One other mentioned, “That and the villain stored farting each time he laughed.” A 3rd shared, “Am I not turtley sufficient for the turtle membership?”

Lastly, somebody merely acknowledged, “I sat and watched my husband and my 11-year-old boy chortle by way of this film about three weeks in the past. Only a horrible film throughout, lol.”

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