Tears of the Kingdom Information – All Dragon Places and How you can Get Their Elements

The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom - Dragon

If there wasn’t sufficient to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (on prime of the good story), there are dragons. Flying by means of the skies and infrequently by means of Depths earlier than rising by means of numerous chasms, these three dragons correspond to separate parts. Apart from the Gentle Dragon, however we’ll get to that.

The dragons aren’t restricted to a single area. They’ll typically float by means of a number of places, so touchdown on their scaly hides is hard. Fortuitously, there are Skyview Towers and rocks from the sky to make use of Recall on, plus you’ll be able to assemble Gliders to strategy them from the Sky Islands. In fact, in the event you wait close to the Chasms, the place they normally go into the Depths, you soar on them as they dive in. Simply guarantee you could have meals that may heal Coronary heart Containers broken by the Gloom.

When touchdown on a dragon, assault its physique components to acquire Dragon Scales, Shards, Claws and Horns (although these typically fall onto the floor as effectively). Do not forget that a dragon gained’t drop any supplies if not glowing.

When cooking the Shards, you acquire an extra 1 minute and 50 seconds to an Elixir. Nonetheless, Fuse them with weapons, they usually acquire +16 Assault with a Shard and +26 with a Horn. They’ll additionally impart their elemental properties, permitting for simple weapons that deal fireplace, ice and shock harm.

With out additional ado, listed below are the places for all dragons and what it’s worthwhile to contemplate when interacting with them.

All Dragons and Their Places

How you can Discover Farosh

Farosh is the dragon of lightning and hangs out round Lake Hylia and the Gerudo Desert. He’ll additionally fly into the East Gerudo Chasm, however the easiest way to strategy him is through the Gerudo Canyon and Gerudo Highlands Skyview Towers. Their coordinates are “-2432, -2178, 0307” and “-3960, -1312, 0429” on the map in your Purah Pad.

As you’ll have guessed, it disperses lightning, which may deal an absurd quantity of Shock harm in the event you don’t have any meals or Elixirs with shock resistance. Prepare dinner Electro Steam Mushrooms (Hyrule Herbs + Zapshrooms) or Stormy Simmered Fruit (Shock Fruits), and eat them for shock resistance.

In the event you don’t have the related supplies, there may be an alternate. Go to the Whistling Hill Collapse Hyrule Area on the coordinates “-0073, -1045, 0019,” and also you’ll discover a chest. Inside is the Rubber Armor, which offers Shock resistance and may hold you comparatively secure. Keep away from equipping any steel weapons, shields and bows as effectively.

Cooking meals that grant extra hearts and monitoring arrows (Fuse Keese eyeballs with arrows) to focus on physique components may also assist, so hold that in thoughts.

How you can Discover Dinraal

Dinraal is the hearth dragon seen floating by means of the skies above Deep Akkala and the Eldin Mountains. It enters the Depths through East Akkala Plains Chasm. Use the Ulri Mountain and Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Towers to identify it extra simply. You’ll want to repair each towers to make use of them.

The previous (positioned at “3491, 2019, 0188”) requires looking down an Aerocuda who stole the management panel, whereas the latter (at “0343, 3133, 0180”) requires shifting some floating blocks with Ultrahand.

Warmth resistance is vital, so that you’ll wish to prepare dinner Winterwing Butterfly or Chilly Darner with different monster components. It grants a Chilly Elixir to face up to the warmth. You can too prepare dinner meals with Hydromelons, Chillfin Trout and Chillshrooms to get warmth resistance. If that’s not sufficient, go to the Kara-Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Village and buy the Desert Voe armor or the Sapphire Circlet for resistance.

As soon as once more, use monitoring arrows to interrupt components from Dinraal and use them to enhance your weapons with Hearth harm. You’ll additionally wish to keep away from having any picket weapons or shields since they’ll simply catch on fireplace.

How you can Discover Naydra

Naydra, the ice dragon, is positioned close to East Necluda and Mount Lanayru, and can typically enterprise by means of the East Hill Chasm to the Depths. It’s close to Kakariko Village, so you’ll be able to’t miss it. The Mount Lanayru (3844, -1307, 0539) and Rabella Wetlands (2420, -2760, 0222) Skyview Towers additionally present an excellent view of the encompassing space, making it simpler to find her.

The previous requires venturing by means of the chilly to succeed in. You’ll need meals like Spicy Simmered Fruit (Apple and Spicy Pepper) and Spicy Pepper Seafood (Historic Arowana and Spicy Pepper) for chilly resistance. A Spicy Elixir, brewed from a Summerwing Butterfly or Heat Darner with monster components, can also be good. In any other case, go to Rito Village and buy the Snowquill armor set for chilly resistance. The Ruby Circlet from Gerudo Village can also be good for avoiding the chilly.

As traditional, use monitoring arrows to get Naydra’s components and watch out for her assaults.

How you can Discover the Gentle Dragon

The Gentle Dragon is an exception because it doesn’t have an related component, so that you don’t want any elemental resistances. As an alternative, it has the Grasp Sword, which Hyperlink might want to struggle Ganondorf. To get it, you first have to go to the Korok Forest, which requires clearing the Misplaced Woods. Assist the Deku Tree after which converse with it to obtain the search “Recovering the Hero’s Sword.”

Monitor the search within the Purah Pad, since it should present the Gentle Dragon’s location. You might at all times discover it by yourself when exploring Hyrule, however because it traverses the entire map, it’s higher to get the principle quest and placement marker. In contrast to the opposite dragons, it doesn’t enterprise into the Depths and stays accessible on the floor.

Nonetheless, there’s another excuse to attend and get some extra upgrades. Eradicating the Grasp Sword from the Gentle Dragon’s head requires two wheels of Stamina. And no, getting further Stamina from meals and Elixirs doesn’t work. That you must improve your Stamina by acquiring Lights of Blessing from Shrines. In the event you attempt to pull the Grasp Sword with out the requisite quantity of Stamina, you’ll fall off.

In the event you spent all of your upgrades on Coronary heart Containers as an alternative of Stamina, don’t fear. Go to the cursed statue within the Lookout Touchdown’s emergency bunker (which is launched rapidly after returning to the floor). It takes away Coronary heart Containers and Stamina for 100 Rupees and allows you to buy them as essences for 120 Rupees every. The latter may be both, so promote a Coronary heart Container for 100 Rupees and purchase it again as an essence of Stamina essence for 120 Rupees to improve the latter.

Then, when you’ve gotten the Grasp Sword, you’ll be able to come again and undo every little thing. In fact, the method is dear, so it’s higher to equally improve your Coronary heart Containers and Stamina whereas exploring Hyrule to keep away from huge prices.

Additionally price noting is that the Gentle Dragon will periodically drop its Horns, so dive down to select them up. Fusing them weapons grants a therapeutic impact on assaults. Even in the event you can’t pull out the Grasp Sword, it is a very helpful perk to have.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is accessible for Nintendo Change. Take a look at our official evaluation right here. You can too be taught extra about how lengthy the story takes to beat right here. For extra ideas and methods, head right here.