Tears of the Kingdom Ranked

The much-anticipated sequel to 2017’s stellar Breath of the Wild is upon us, and positively when it comes to boss battles The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t disappoint. With a mess of recent weapons and skills, gamers will certainly discover a number of methods to tear by way of the sport’s memorable boss encounters.

 Black Hinox

These bungling one-eyed monsters make a return from Breath of the Wild, and like fellow returners Lynel, Gleeok, and Talus, Hinox are available multiple variation. Honix’s Black variation isn’t discovered lumbering round Hyrule’s pastures although. No, captured by Grasp Yohga’s Yiga Clan lurking within the darkness of the Forest Colosseum the Black Hinox is a more durable foe, adorning steel greaves which can be exhausting to interrupt. Dinking an arrow into its one eye is essentially the most sure-fire technique to stun this sleepy cyclops, it wriggles childlike with each direct shot. In reality, not essentially the most difficult of Hyperlink’s boss battles in Tears of the Kingdom, however it’s definitely nice to see these iconic mini bosses return.

 Grasp Kohga

In complete, Hyperlink will face the chief of the Yiga Clan 4 instances all through Tears of the Kingdom. All bouts happen within the treacherous depths, with Kohga mendacity in wait along with his newest battle contraptions; monster wheeled battering rams, ramshackle planes, boats, and culminating in an enormous Zonai Assemble. The final encounter versus the Zonai Assemble presents essentially the most problem, with Kogha geared up with homing bombs and laser beams, plus a defensive matrix that’ll deflect any arrows Hyperlink flicks from his bow. Beating every of the lovably irritating Grasp Kohka’s quest line battles nets Hyperlink a Schema Stone, with a schematic for the Autobuild system the final word reward.


Scourge of the Water Temple Mucktarok is a slimy, sludge coated shark whose Achilles heel is water, so utilising Sidon’s water bubble assaults to wipe clear the shark’s sludgy exterior is finest technique to reveal the squid-like Mucktarok in true kind. One other endearing enemy, finest wager as soon as Mucktarok’s shark shell is eliminated is to whip repeatedly with melee weaponry. Spewing waves of sludge apart, Mucktarok isn’t particularly difficult, only a slippery fellow whose swimming pools of slurry will want cleansing up else they’ll have the ability to swim away too quickly for Hyperlink’s melee assault.

 Flux Assemble

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Up subsequent on this countdown of one of the best boss fights in Tears of the Kingdom is Flux Assemble, a towering new mini boss encounterable on quite a few events all through Hyperlink’s odyssey by way of Hyrule. These towering, box-like giants current each a puzzle and a struggle, the previous being to establish Flux Assemble’s weak spots earlier than unleashing a torrent of firepower as soon as that weakspot has been uncovered. Bouts in opposition to Flux Assemble are the proper alternative to check out Hyperlink’s new Ultrahand capacity, grabbing cubes to reveal Flux Assemble’s weak glowing components after which attacking the Assemble’s core supply of energy.

 Phantom Ganon

One other multi-part boss battle on this rundown, the spectral model of Ganondorf seems thrice all through Hyperlink’s journey in Tears of the Kingdom. Revealing himself as a colossal brute beneath the Deku Tree, Phantom Ganon additionally replicates a number of apparitions of himself to confuse hyperlink throughout a scrap inside Hyrule Fort. These clones zip and teleport concerning the palatial enviornment, and their cranium crushing hammer blows deal immense harm. The Demon King’s Phantom Saboteur will not be a boss to be trifled with.

 Seized Assemble

Into the highest 5 of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s finest boss battles and it’s the Scour of the Spirit Temple Seized Assemble taking the quantity 5 spot. Trapping Hyperlink in makeshift wrestling ring, Seized Assemble, a contraption possessed by the Demon King, can definitely take a walloping. Just about something Hyperlink hurls or swings in its course does minimal harm on contact. As an alternative, sarcastically sufficient, the best technique to taking down this mechanical beast is to whack it when surprised into the ropes of its personal boxing ring lining the sting of the world; {the electrical} cost taking chunks off its well being bar.

 Marbled Gohma

Marbled Gohma is amongst essentially the most satisfying bosses to defeat in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a hulking rocky cave crab with pummelling legs that’ll deal tons of harm ought to Hyperlink by accident tread beneath its toes. Aided by companion Yunobo, Hyperlink can cost and fling Yunobo’s assault to destroy Marbled Gohma’s legs, leaving its weak eye extensive open for a beating. Repeat this motion a handful of instances and Marbled Gohma may have had sufficient, deciding as a substitute to drop bombs from the ceiling throughout the battle’s second section. The one distinction right here is Hyperlink must goal Yunobo’s assault airwards to deliver down the rocky behemoth.

 Queen Gibdo

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

Amongst the freakiest boss design present in Tears of the Kingdom is quantity three on this countdown, the Scourge of the Lightning Temple herself Queen Gibdo. An exo-skeletal moth-like monstrosity, Queen Gibdo lurks within the depths of Lake Hylia, possessing a troublesome outer shell impervious to most assaults while unleashing her personal whirlwind sandstorm assaults. These multi-tornado sandstorms alongside her cost assault makes Queen Gibdo a strong foe, though admittedly these assaults may be prevented pretty simply. No, it’s throughout the second encounter with Queen Gibdo, as soon as the Lightning Temple puzzle has been accomplished with Hyperlink and Riju coming into her lair that issues get dicey. Throughout this section, Queen Gibdo can summon a mob of Gibdo Moths and Mummies that’ll swiftly ambush and overwhelm our pair of heroes. Destroying the bulbs dotted alongside the lair’s perimeter reveals shafts of daylight highly effective to show the Gibdo Mob into ash, and the Queen herself weak to Riju’s Lightning Strike.


Within the skies excessive above Hebra is without doubt one of the most memorable and pleasurable boss battles all through everything of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the runner up on this rundown Colgera. Guarding the air surrounding the Hebran Wind Temple, Hyperlink’s encounter with Colgera is actually one white knuckle skydiving session, with the centipede-esque body of Colgera periodically exposing a glowing glasslike weak spot for Hyperlink to both fling arrows by way of or simply hurtle headfirst at velocity, smashing Colgera’s centre into shards of neon glass. Keep away from its twister and skyward spike assaults and Hyperlink is golden, freefalling to victory.


the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom ganondorf

After all, it needed to be didn’t it. The primary boss battle, and end result of Hyperlink’s journey by way of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom is the epic closing showdown with the King of Evil himself Ganondorf. An exhilarating three-pronged battle, the primary section of which is a conventional one-on-one, though Ganondorf on this guise is impervious to melee assaults. Section two and Ganon recollects his phantom apparitions from earlier within the recreation, though these don’t pose as a lot of an issue for Hyperlink as he most likely imagines on account of Hyperlink’s sage accomplices serving as distraction. The second half of this section, with Ganon having surprised Hyperlink’s companions, is the place issues sizzling up. Nonetheless in essence a straight-up sword struggle, Ganondorf is at his most fierce right here. The ultimate section is an airborne dragon versus dragon showdown, an epic dogfight of sunshine and darkish that’ll dwell lengthy within the reminiscence.