Who’re Alex’s mother and father in XO, Kitty season 1?

XO, Kitty season 1 is lastly streaming on Netflix, and we’re right here to reply your each query concerning the new teen collection. One of many questions we see circulating on the web includes the character Alex Finnerty. Folks wish to know who his delivery mother and father are. No worries! We all know the reply and shared it proper beneath.

XO, Kitty follows 16-year-old teen love guru Kitty Music Covey as she travels midway throughout the globe to Seoul, South Korea, to reunite together with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae, and discover out extra about her late mom. Whereas in Seoul, she attends KISS (Korean Impartial College of Seoul). That is the worldwide college that Dae at the moment attends, and the college Kitty’s mom attended when she was the identical age as Kitty.

Spoilers forward from XO, Kitty season 1. 

Does Kitty have a brother in XO, Kitty season 1?

Whereas on her journey to study extra about her mother, Kitty discovers she may need a half-brother. This leads her on a mission to search out out who her brother is. Whereas doing so, she befriends one in all her professors, Alex Finnerty. Alex is from Melbourne, Australia, and is a brand new instructor at KISS. As he and Kitty develop nearer, he reveals to her that he’s adopted. With this newfound data, Kitty instantly believes Alex is her brother. Nevertheless, this seems to not be true. However Alex does have a half-sister who attends KISS. Who’s she?

Who’re Alex’s mother and father in XO, Kitty season 1?

Whereas Kitty is on a journey to study extra about her mother’s life, Alex is on a mission to search out his delivery mother and father. He moved to South Korea and have become a instructor at KISS after discovering that his organic father was Professor Lee. He discovered this out by doing an ancestry take a look at. He hoped to construct a relationship with Professor Lee, however Professor Lee consistently gave him the chilly shoulder. Alex later discovers that Professor Lee had no concept he had a son. So, Professor Lee is Alex’s father. However who’s his organic mom? Nicely, Kitty finds out who Alex’s mother is earlier than he does.

Kitty and Yuri sneak into Professor Lee’s residence workplace to discover a KISS yearbook from 1993. They open the yearbook and discover a image of Principal Lim and Eve Music (Kitty’s mom) as teenagers. Within the image, a younger Principal Lim is clearly pregnant whereas a younger Eve will not be. That is when Kitty realizes that Alex isn’t her brother. She places two and two collectively and realizes Principal Lim is Alex’s organic mom, which implies Yuri is his half-sister.

Later, Kitty reveals this data to Alex, and Alex decides to confront Principal Lim. Whereas speaking to Principal Lim, Alex finds out that she actually is his mother. However sadly, Principal Lim just about ignores Alex after their dialog. Ultimately, Principal Lim makes issues proper by telling Professor Lee that Alex is his son. Then, she tells Yuri she invited Alex to spend time with them in the course of the holidays in order that they will construct a relationship with him.

So, there you might have it, people! Principal Lim and Professor Lee are Alex’s delivery mother and father.

XO, Kitty season 1 is streaming now solely on Netflix.