What Does Its Ending Imply?

For all of the reward that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is getting for its open world, new talents and sandbox construction that encourages their use, many individuals have seen one thing else: The story is absolutely good.

It’s attention-grabbing as a result of Breath of the Wild gave gamers a purpose to purpose for whereas sprinkling varied tales (just like the Champions) and flashbacks by way of Reminiscences. You would ignore them and go straight to Hyrule Fort, or ignore them utterly, do your individual factor, after which go to Hyrule Fort. The Grasp Sword wasn’t even essential to defeat Calamity Ganon.

Tears of the Kingdom is considerably totally different, as there are a sequence of fundamental quests to comply with. You would ignore all of them (once more), and battle the large unhealthy, Ganondorf. Nonetheless, the sequel has much more construction, cutscenes, voice performing and character moments that flesh out Hyperlink’s new journey and supply extra on the historical past of Hyrule and the way it got here into being.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel

So what’s happening, and the way does it finish? We begin with Hyperlink and Zelda heading into the depths under Hyrule Fort to analyze a mysterious Gloom perpetuating Hyrule. Traversing the ruins, they be taught concerning the Zonai, an historical race descended from the sky, who ultimately joined the Hylians to create the dominion of Hyrule. Nonetheless, additionally they be taught of the Imprisonment Battle in opposition to the Demon King. Ten Rupees when you can guess his id.

Upon additional exploring the chamber, Zelda and Hyperlink uncover a mummified physique, held in place by a hand. Because it barely shifts, a tear-shaped object drops to the bottom. Zelda picks it up, and the physique all of a sudden involves life – it’s Ganondorf, by the best way. He assaults Zelda, however Hyperlink fends off his strike with the Grasp Sword. Ganondorf decays it and utterly drains Hyperlink’s well being and stamina, weakening him.

The bottom beneath all three characters crumbles, sending Ganondorf’s physique into the abyss after he unleashes a brand new darkness upon the world. Zelda additionally falls, and Hyperlink leaps off to attempt to save her, however the disembodied arm stops him. Zelda teleports away, whereas Hyperlink awakens subsequent on the Sky Islands. The disembodied arm has changed his personal, and he meets the proprietor – a Zonai spirit who tells him concerning the race’s origins, the Constructs they made and the way Zelda awaits within the Temple of Mild.

As soon as Hyperlink will get the skills Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend and Recall, he one way or the other sends the decayed Grasp Sword to Zelda and proceeds again to the floor of Hyrule. Main story spoilers comply with from this level, so be warned.

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom ganondorf

Because it seems, Zelda is up to now, simply earlier than the Imprisonment Battle in opposition to the Demon King started. She meets Rauru, the king of Hyrule, and Sonia, his queen and a descendant of the Royal Household (so basically Zelda’s ancestor). The Zonai descended upon the lands way back and have been revered, however Rauru shaped a union with the Hylians and established the dominion. Curiously, he and his sister, Mineru, are the one surviving members of the Zonai.

Enjoyable reality: Rauru is Kaepora Gaebora from Ocarina of Time, and labored with the opposite Sages to seal Ganondorf in The Wind Waker.

Previously, Zelda counsels Rauru, particularly as Ganondorf – who led assaults on the dominion utilizing monsters – provides his fealty. Rauru accepts however retains an eye fixed on Ganondorf. The latter sends a puppet to assassinate Sonia within the guise of Zelda, however the queen is on to his plans and works with the actual Zelda to thwart him.

Nonetheless, neither might anticipate that Ganondorf would seem shortly after, assassinate Sonia and steal the Zonai’s secret tear-like stone. By corrupting it Ganondorf transforms into the Demon King and empowers his forces.

Enraged however informed to are inclined to his spouse, Rauru blocks Ganondorf’s assault as Zelda teleports them away. Thus, the conflict begins, however Zelda is aware of the result – that even when Rauru and his forces imprison Ganondorf, the Calamity will happen, and the Demon King will rise once more. Consequently, she turns into a dragon, taking the preliminary tear stone into herself and dropping her Hylian type to assist restore the Grasp Sword and assist Hyperlink within the current.

The Mild Dragon within the current from whom Hyperlink obtains the Grasp Sword? That’s Zelda. In fact, Hyperlink doesn’t know and proceeds to the Depths beneath Hyrule Fort to battle Ganondorf.

Whereas Hyperlink places up a superb battle, Ganondorf transforms into an awesome Demon Dragon. Thankfully, Zelda arrives and helps Hyperlink battle in opposition to Ganon. After destroying its Eyes of Malice, Hyperlink targets the stone on the Demon Dragon’s head and defeats Ganondorf. Nonetheless, resulting from expending a lot energy, Zelda is weak. To avoid wasting her, Hyperlink makes use of the ability of Rauru’s proper arm to revive her. Simply then, the spirits of Sonia and Rauru additionally seem, lending their support to avoid wasting Zelda’s life.

Zelda returns to her Hylian type whereas Hyperlink’s authentic arm is restored (nonetheless having a few of Rauru’s energy since there’s a post-game). Rauru and Sonia depart to the afterlife, and Hyperlink and Zelda fall by way of the skies. Hyperlink saves her, touchdown in a small lake and ultimately ready as she regains consciousness. She awakens, none the more serious for put on, and The Kingdom of Hyrule is saved.

In fact, there are nonetheless a variety of questions. How does the story connect with earlier timelines? At this level, it’s exhausting to inform – Breath of the Wild was assumed to happen a few years after The Wind Waker, and the Imprisonment Battle in Tears of the Kingdom throws a wrench into all that. And whilst you might assume that is the top – that Ganondorf is gone, as soon as and for all, for actual this time, all of us thought Hyrule was secure after Calamity Ganon’s demise (till it wasn’t). For now, it’s secure to imagine that this can be a new timeline and that extra sequels are attainable.

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

In any case, sequence producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed that future titles in The Legend of Zelda sequence will use the open-world construction of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn’t imply that the following title will likely be a direct sequel to those two video games – see Ocarina of Time, a “prequel” to A Hyperlink to the Previous, itself a prequel to the very first title within the sequence.

Nonetheless, it isn’t inconceivable – in any case, Majora’s Masks and A Hyperlink Between Worlds occurred. New villains are additionally attainable, as seen with Majora’s Masks and The Minish Cap (and Skyward Sword, to some extent).

Establishing that the Calamity emanated from the sealed-now-destroyed type of Ganondorf beneath Hyrule Fort raises questions on his potential resurrection in future titles. By no means say by no means, although. Bear in mind – the Triforce, a key component of the sequence, isn’t even in Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom, regardless of its image being current all through. Maybe it might play some function sooner or later.

Whatever the future, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an unbelievable journey that introduces new plot factors, revamps outdated ones, expands on its world, and has greater than its share of twists. There’s a lot to uncover outdoors the story, so don’t be stunned when you hear about its brilliance for years to come back.

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