Mortal Kombat 1 Reveal Trailer Analyzed – Is The Nice Kung Lao Again?

The mud has settled on NetherRealm Studios’ subsequent Mortal Kombat reveal, and it’s official – the sequence goes again to sq. one. Mortal Kombat 1 launches on September nineteenth for Xbox Collection X/S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Swap.

The Normal Version will price $70 on all platforms, and the presence of Dragon Krystals signifies microtransactions (which have been additionally utilized in Mortal Kombat 11 to purchase cosmetics). However for now, that’s not inflicting essentially the most buzz.

It’s the announcement trailer, which showcases what NetherRealm is looking a reborn Mortal Kombat universe. What’s occurring? Spoilers observe for individuals who didn’t play the earlier recreation, so again out now.

Lengthy story brief, Kronika, the Keeper of Time, wished to rewrite historical past and create a brand new period. There’s a hunt all through Mortal Kombat 11’s marketing campaign for the Crown of Souls, which can enable Kronika to take action. Previous variations of Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Jax, Sonya Blade and so forth are additionally concerned however finally work with their current variations (willingly or not) to battle Kronika.

Throughout the penultimate battle, Liu Kang battles Raiden, because the duo has carried out many occasions earlier than, however as an alternative of 1 dying, they fuse to grow to be Hearth God Liu Kang. As Earthrealm’s heroes arrive at Kronika’s preserve, she turns again time, leaving solely Hearth God Liu Kang to thwart her plans. This leads to Kronika turning again time to the start. Assuming you defeat her after one spherical is misplaced, Liu Kang meets with Raiden, now mortal and keen to function his advisor.

The occasions of Aftermath, the growth, see Shang Tsung return and reveal that the Crown of Souls is required to make use of Kronika’s Hourglass and create the New Period. Going again in time with different characters like Fujin and Nightwolf, Shang Tsung betrays everybody, defeats Kronika and takes her powers.

In fact, Hearth God Liu Kang was conscious – similar to everybody else once they first introduced the growth – that he’d do all this. After one final closing battle, Shang Tsung is erased, and Liu Kang’s New Period is born. The growth concludes with him coaching the Nice Kung Lao to battle in Mortal Kombat.

mortal kombat 11 aftermath

This “reborn universe” in Mortal Kombat 1 is Hearth God Liu Kang’s creation. The trailer sees Raiden rising from a hut and assembly Kung Lao on the plains. The latter has an everyday hat however is recognizable by the dragon insignia on his garments. Thunder looms within the background behind Raiden, teasing that he could have retained a few of his thunder powers.

We then lower to Kitana, touring in a carriage escorted by guards as varied individuals are trying on. Judging by the relative peace of the setting, this may very well be Edenia, the place Kitana is as soon as once more the princess. She’s touring with Mileena, and Liu Kang’s narration speaks of “bitter rivalry.”

The previous possible isn’t the bestest of buddies with the princess. Then once more, Mileena spied on Kitana for Shao Kahn within the first timeline after which served as a substitute for her sister within the second. What her objective is now, stern seems to be apart, stays to be seen.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion are then proven, seemingly on the point of struggle. Nevertheless, they cease, with the narration indicating the opportunity of “uniting as brothers,” after which look in direction of an odd eclipse. This Sub-Zero appears to be Bi-Han and really a lot has his freezing powers. Scorpion seems to be very a lot alive as Hanzo Hasashi, possessing his trademark Spear or Stinger.

mortal kombat 1

All the soldiers see the identical eclipse within the sky as Hearth God Liu Kang teases {that a} “storm is brewing.” He then descends from the sky unto Kung Lao and Raiden, standing earlier than a portal the place Shang Tsung emerges. Liu Kang says that even on this New Period, there’s nonetheless one fixed – there’s at all times one thing price combating for.

Lower to varied scenes of violence the place Shang Tsung is straight-up murdering everybody. He cuts Scorpion’s throat and stabs via his face with claws, snaps Mileena’s neck, stomps on Sub-Zero’s head, gouges Kitana’s eyes, and sucks out Kung Lao’s soul. You’d in all probability think about Liu Kang is on the point of hit the reset button. Nevertheless, he beats Shang Tsung down for defying peace. As a result of to him, it’s the identical as warfare with a God, aka Him with a capital H.

Hearth God Liu Kang proceeds to summon two fiery dragons, hoisting Shang Tsung within the air by his arms. He then leaps up, and earlier than you may go, “Welcome to the Jam,” splits Shang Tsung down the center, slamming his head right down to the bottom with a splatter.

How a lot of this can happen within the story stays to be seen. Keep in mind that the reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 had Darkish Raiden and Scorpion battling it out, with the latter killing the previous. That didn’t occur within the precise recreation. Kronika was proven on the finish, although, and that remained a vital a part of the story, so there’s that.

Mortal Kombat 1_002

Nevertheless, we will nonetheless affirm a lot about Mortal Kombat 1’s story from the trailer. Mortal Kombat is clearly nonetheless a factor, as indicated by the top of Aftermath. It’s attainable that Shang Tsung is as much as his outdated methods and making an attempt to avoid the match’s guidelines. In fact, as far-fetched because it sounds, it’s attainable that he desires to defy Liu Kang’s New Period. Possibly he retains recollections from when the Hearth God erased him and thinks that is all a sham.

Suffice it to say that the story wouldn’t finish together with his demise. There’s additionally the query of why Hearth God Liu Kang would carry him again, realizing the quantity of hassle he brought on all through the sequence.

There’s a idea that the Kung Lao initially seen is definitely the Nice Kung Lao. For the reason that Edenian Battle seemingly didn’t occur, the story might be 1000’s of years up to now. In fact, how varied characters like Bi-Han, Hanzo Hisashi, and Johnny Cage (not seen within the trailer however confirmed for the sport) are alive on the time stays to be seen. Once more, it is a New Period.

Mortal Kombat 1_001

And simply because Hearth God Liu Kang rewrote historical past, doesn’t imply different Gods received’t seem to oppose him. In spite of everything, the Elder Gods have been a significant a part of the franchise, whereas Kronika remained quietly within the background within the unique timeline. Would it not be too large a stretch to imagine that different villains, like Onaga the Dragon King, additionally exist and will trigger havoc?

Regardless of the case, you are feeling considerably unhealthy for Shang Tsung, as he’s simply killed by the top of the trailer after working via so many Kombatants. It could or is probably not how the story performs out, however he nonetheless received punked. At the very least it appeared cool.

Mortal Kombat 1 is just a few months away, and we’ll possible see gameplay footage this Summer time at one of many main showcases. There may very well be extra fighters and their reimagined transfer units revealed together with beautiful areas and nauseating Fatalities. A beta can also be coming in August, so followers received’t have to attend lengthy to get their arms soiled. Nevertheless occasions could play out in-game, Mortal Kombat is again and as bloody as ever.