Tears of the Kingdom Information – How To Get Hylian Protect And the Grasp Sword

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

The long-lasting Grasp Sword and Hylian Protect return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and buying them is comparatively straightforward. This information will stroll you thru the method and necessities for each of those immediately recognizable gadgets.

How To Get The Grasp Sword

The Grasp Sword is a one-handed weapon that’s positioned atop the ever airborne Gentle Dragon’s head and can must be extracted from it. The Gentle Dragon has a two hour lengthy flight loop excessive up within the skies over Hyrule. Your finest wager to return upon it’s from the southern tip of Nice Sky Island (0420, -1755, 2335). When you await it right here, the Gentle Dragon might be clearly seen within the distance from this level, and you may launch your self off of the sting and glide in the direction of it, both utilizing Tulin to provide you a lift, or a Zonai gadget of your building.

Earlier than that although, you will have not only one, however two full Stamina Wheels as a way to merely pull it out of the Gentle Dragon’s head, not to mention wield it. This interprets to 5 Stamina Vessels, or finishing twenty Shrines, which can take some doing. On the plus facet, the Grasp Sword has no restrict to its sturdiness, and thus is the one weapon within the recreation that won’t inevitably break. It does nonetheless have an power meter although, and this must recharge if used excessively, earlier than you need to use it once more, identical to in Breath of the Wild.

How To Get The Hylian Protect

The Hylian Protect is the one finest protect in Zelda TOTK, and is pretty straightforward to come up with early within the recreation. It’s positioned throughout the damaged ruins of Hyrule Fortress.

  • Start by buying a cache of Energizing Elixirs or another recipes you may have for Stamina restoration. It is because you can be gliding for a very good lengthy whereas, as a way to attain your eventual vacation spot of Hyrule Fortress. Subsequent, launch your self from Lookout Touchdown Skyview Tower and glide your approach over to the north-eastern nook or again proper of the fort correct.
  • Proceed to the tiny hole (-0139, 1084, 0063) and tunnel that can take you to Hyrule Docks. There isn’t any have to fight the Gloom enemy right here–merely wait it out whereas hiding within the waters close by.
  • That is stage two of the docks with the unlit hearth pit (-0175, 1155, 0037) and torches. Yep, it’s a traditional Zelda puzzle, so go forward and light-weight the hearth pit with a Stick or Arrow utilizing the torches, or your personal most handy methodology.
  • That acquainted chime will play, and a chest will spawn. Get it open to choose up your very personal iconic Hylian Protect.

In contrast to the Grasp Sword, the Hylian Protect can and can break, however solely after a really very long time.

Buying these two gadgets will kind of set you up for achievement in Tears of the Kingdom, lowering the stress of coping with sturdiness points, and supplying you with the perfect foundation for Fusions with varied supplies.