Tears of the Kingdom Information – All Korok Seed Quest Varieties

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Korok Seeds are a significant forex of types in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, that you’ll commerce with Hestu in an effort to develop Hyperlink’s stock measurement for weapons, shields, and bows individually. Koroks themselves are wooden spirits that put on leaf masks and comply with the Nice Deku Tree. Whereas there are roughly a thousand Korok Seeds to be found, there are solely a handful of puzzle sorts and challenges that will grant you a Korok Seed upon completion. This information will listing every of those Zelda: TOTK mini puzzles and their options.

Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seed Puzzles

Chase The Sparklings

A easy activity requiring you to have a vigilant eye looking for glowing trails racing about amongst leaves, tree tops, and within the snow. Simply observe the sample of its route and catch it when the chance arises to disclose a Korok.

Stone Sample Completion

You’ll usually come throughout seen patterns of stone emplacements with an apparent lacking piece. Merely use Ultrahand to place a close-by rock into place and make the Korok seem.

Lone Rock Carry

Within the reverse to Stone Sample Completion, additionally, you will come upon singular rocks that stick out like a sore thumb, and which upon lifting, will reveal a Korok.

Leaves Reveal

A variation of the above, the place generally the lone rock is obscured by leaves that have to be burned away or interacted with. Subsequently raise the rock and launch the Korok.

Rock Slab Reveal

One other variation of Lone Rock Carry, however involving a big slab that have to be lifted with Ultrahand to disclose the Lone Rock itself. Carry away to disclose the Korok.

Ritual Providing

Should you come throughout any providing bowls for statues, get a have a look at what’s already in them (normally an Apple, however your mileage could fluctuate), after which add extra of the identical, in an effort to spawn the Korok. If the bowl is empty, the default providing of an Apple ought to suffice.

Line The Blocks

Should you discover units of blocks that appear to be they must be lined up into an apparent symmetrical sample, accomplish that with Ultrahand, to make the Korok seem. Lacking puzzle parts will usually be situated a ways from the puzzle itself, generally in water.

Star-crossed Koroks

These escort mini quests require two Koroks to be reunited. Typically it is so simple as utilizing Ultrahand to select one up and transfer them a brief distance. Different instances it might be needed to utilize a Zonai automobile, or horse-hitched wagon. These will reward you with two Korok Seeds on your hassle–one from every of the grateful, now not lonely Koroks.

Water Lily Swan Dive

Should you discover a sample of water lilies, dive off of a excessive level, or paraglide into its middle. It will reveal the Korok, however provided that you had ample top in your dive to start with.

Dandelion Catcher

Slash away on the Dandelion after which catch the hovering flower because it descends again to earth. Don’t panic in the event you miss it the primary few tries, as a result of they respawn instantly. Simply slash away once more, and observe the overall sample of its touchdown zone. When you catch it together with your head, the Korok will spawn in for you.

Flower Chase

A flower will teleport away every time you strategy and contact it, and as you comply with it alongside, you’ll finally be led to a white flower to say the Korok Seed from a Korok.

Rock On A Tripod

Technically this is able to be an inverted tripod that you’ll come upon randomly. Discover the close by rock and place it within the tripod stand with Ultrahand to trigger the Korok to spawn.

Inverted Stump

These leaf-patterned tree stumps set within the ceilings of random constructions might be Ascended proper by, which can then lead the Korok to spawn.

Stump to Stump

Stepping on the tree stump will trigger one other to spawn. Hyperlink should land on it completely, as if it have been a recreation of the-floor-is-lava, in an effort to make the Korok seem.

Stump To Ring

A variation of Stump To Stump, this one has you race towards time to succeed in a yellow checkpoint ring from a leaf-patterned stump you step on. The Korok will seem in the event you make it on time.

Pull The Cork

One other easy activity includes uncorking a small hole with Ultrahand in an effort to launch a captive Korok.

Flower Rely

One other flower based mostly puzzle, this one has you make contact with teams of flowers based mostly on the variety of particular person flowers in them. Start with the group with the bottom variety of flowers after which proceed in ascending order to spawn the Korok.

Acorn Goal Follow

Any time you see a single Acorn simply randomly strung up or caught someplace, hearth at it together with your Bow and the Korok will present up.

Balloon Goal Follow

Stepping on a tree stump will trigger Balloons, Pots, or Acorns to seem, generally in movement, and every of which can have to be shot down together with your Bow, in an effort to spawn the Korok.

Pinwheel Goal Follow

A variation of the above, however it’s activated upon approaching a pinwheel. Full the problem to get the Korok to indicate up.

There are not any Korok Seed quests to be discovered within the Depths, solely within the Sky and on the Floor layers. You’ll, nevertheless, discover the Korok Masks someplace underground. It may be very useful find undiscovered Koroks, because of the vibrating impact it generates when in proximity to them.

And that’s each identified Korok Seed puzzle sort to date in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There may very well be a number of extra which have but to be found, together with slight variations of those talked about above. Completely happy Korok Seed harvesting!